Silver River

The Silver River flows all the way from its source in the Starwood through Bradenthyr and Coulbaigh, through the cities of Tohl and Tohl Dannis, into the Dawnbai. As a result it is the most heavily trafficked and settled waterway in all of the Knives. At its source the silver river gets its name from the powdered metal where Rallah gathered the ore from the fallen star that now adorns the roofs of the inner city. In water it has a silvery, reflective sheen that rises to the surface. Beautiful and slow flowing it wends through the Starwood shining in the sun, with small silvery fish jumping from it's surface, and gurgling gently over rocky shallows.

After it flows through The City of Lights however the once-beautiful Silver River becomes choked with waste and debris, flowing sluggishly and choked with slime, splintered timbers and cracked jugs. All of this drifts down river towards the sea, as well as huge numbers of barges and river going vessels. Where the river does pass through Tohl there are stories, too many to just discount, of the 'creatures'. Horrible things twice the size of a man that drag themselves with a plethora of diverse limbs along the riverbed, hidden in the muck, their mottled green hides keeping them a secret even when they bask on the surface.