The Siele citidel known as Eil-sheire, or Skyreach in the tongue of men, was once one of the great Siele citadels that guarded the Forest Kingdom Shiel Meial during the age of the Siele. It was here that men suffered their first great defeat of the Siele Wars. Now the great fortress, which men could never bring low, serves as the home of the mysterious High Warlock. The main difference from its days as a living Siele fortress is that it’s now thoroughly dead.

Skyreach is the youngest and largest of the Siele tower-citadels. When it was raised the King proclaimed that should it ever fall, so too must his nation have, and indeed it served as the last hope of the Siele after their King died. The battle of Skyreach is well documented as the last of the Siele wars. After this fateful battle the Siele left for Mierellia and the goblyns counter-attacked the armies of the Earldoms. Because of the swift moving new threat the men abandoned the ruined citadel, and it sat, empty for centuries. Rumours of haunting arose, the territory grew dangerous, Siele and goblyns drove each other from the site repeatedly and men who tried to take it met both. It quickly became hazardous and treasure hunters either found nothing or began to fall to their deaths through rotten floors and hidden balconies. Years later the High Warlock came to the Isle, and with seemingly deliberate speed made the crumbling citadel his home.

Like all the citadels, Skyreach appears to be a huge tree from the outside, impossibly tall and broad, it towers over all the life around it. It’s exterior is covered with bark and moss, and the only oddities are the balconies, walkways, doors and windows, all elaborately carved with swirling designs. It’s once vital wood is now blackish and cracking, but some sorcery of the Warlock keeps the citadel from totally disintegrating. Its windows, now without the amber glass that once covered them, stare like the sockets of a skull out over the forest.

The interior is all wood, its intricate and spidery grains and patterns weave and swirl all around the chambers and corridors, and every surface has some form of carved pattern, intricately wrought to compliment the woods grain. While furnishing has long since gone, long thin threads of amber glass decorate the walls and many doorways and interior windows with spider-web patterns. All but three or four chambers are left derelict and empty and dark, but the Warlock has made his home around the grand hall that the master of the citadel would have held his court in. Here long mitheril pipes are placed just so as to take in the breeze from outside and play lilting tunes, and a great fireplace, a new addition to the structure, burns with a strange greenish fire. The opulent and exotically decorated appartments of the Warlock lie through the hall’s many doors. Here he will make guests wait, sometimes for days. That is if he chooses to admit them at all.