Slavery In Allornus

Slavery is a generally accepted practice amongst the men and myr of Allornus, though societies, cultures and governments vary in their opinions on how slaves can be acquired, whether or not they can be bought or sold, and who can and cannot be enslaved. There are really four types of slavery in common practice on Allornus; capturing slaves from an enemy for forced labour, usually targeting individuals of a different race; lower classes acting as indentured labour conditional on proper treatment by their lord; using prisoners (be they criminals or prisoners of war) as slaves for a set period, that may or may not exceed the lifetime of the individual and pass onto their descendants; or paying off incurred debts by the way of slavery for a set period, again sometimes for multiple generations. Most societies, with a couple of passionate exceptions, practice either one or a combination of these.

That is not to say that unlawful slave taking does not exist in societies that do not embrace it. Even the most zealously anti-slavery communities are host to criminal slave trades - black markets where the poor and weak are preyed upon and traded as goods. People are more likely to be horrified by such illegal operations, though corrupt law enforcement and even government might be compelled to look the other way, as with all organized crime.

Notable for their blanket abhorrence of slavery are the Haedrasians and the Malorns, the former because their culture prizes self-determination extremely highly, and the latter because centuries of their race being enslaved by the Draks in the homeland have made them hate such servitude in all its forms. However even amongst these peoples detractors are far from unknown.

The table below gives a general overview of attitudes to slavery by region, though of course individual regions may vary and not every technicality or nuance of the kinds of slavery in each region is fully explored.

Slave Trade Debt Slavery (individual) Debt Slavery (generational) Indentured Labour Illegal Notes
Ahlonia Isle Sigard and Talthak no Sigard and Southaven elsewhere no -
Shattered Empire no yes yes some no Some extreme interpretations of the Way Price allow for debt trading
Knives of Rallah Dunsain lands Tuarvael no throughout no -
Ancient Duchies Vargör only yes no yes no -
Bear Tundra negligible negligible no some no No specific social custom or infrastructure
Lands of Chill no no no no yes Free Malorns will not tolerate the keeping of slaves
Imperatry Plains no no no no yes While subject people have reduced rights they are free to leave
Southlands yes yes yes some no -
Inner Sea Basin Goblynfells and Taal yes yes yes no -
Unholy Wastes Malorns only yes no no no -
Fringe Nations yes no yes no no -