The High Prelate of Sigard is the enigmatic Solon. Solon sees himself as an artist and a philosopher, and his odd and somewhat radical interpretation of the Church of the Dioune’s gospel is often theatrical, outlandish and genuinely strange. Speculation that he is the prophesied sixth oracle, and that the divh speak through him is beginning among the common people, although the Grand High Prelate’s office has clearly stated that he does not fit the criteria to be an oracle, and Solon has made no claims of the sort. Still, a group called the Shining Ones have begun to take to the streets in his name.


Perhaps the most obvious and widely known of Solon's eccentricities is that he always wears one of two masks. He has a golden mask depicting the face of the divhi Aliel and a steel mask depicting the face of the divhi Koroth. He changes these depending upon which member of the Dioune he represents in any duty. The other is fastened securely to the rear of his head when not in use, ready to be turned around whenever needed. While Solon regularly appears around the Basilica with a bare face, he allows no one to see him without these masks when he serves a formal function, even going so far as to cover his head with a veil when he changes aspect. Some speculate that he is becoming mad, but with his other flamboyance it is not hard to believe it is simply an aspect of his faith. Not only does he change his face, but his voice and manner of speech and body language change with the turn of the mask. Some also say that the High Prelate has dissident leanings, though he has made no such claim.

Solon is a man of above average height and prodigious constitution. His head and lean face are completely shaven, and his features have childlike proportion and agelessness with pointed chin, pouting lips, pale eyes and prominent cheeks. He can be a staggering presence, or move about almost unnoticed as he chooses, and is capable of sneaking up on people barely perceived. Solon is a master of disguise, and openly admits to moving about Lierkist, always under a false face, quite frequently to observe the devotion of his people. But when in public undisguised he wears the compiled works of the oracles strapped to his back, or more commonly has a priest accompany him carrying. It is a tome of exceptional beauty, gilt and inlaid and bound in rare leather. Ever the artist, Solon also often carries clay pigments and a brush so that when inspiration from the divh strikes he can act upon it (and often does) on walls or shop-fronts.


A sculptor, painter and amateur architect, Solon has designed several extensions to the Basilica at Leirkist and has provided much of the decoration for the city’s temples from his own works, which are becoming quite famous. He remains humble about his art however, claiming divine inspiration. He remains a distant and spiritual individual, spending hours of his day in meditation and often disappearing for weeks at a time. While he may not be there to provide guidance and wisdom like most of the High Prelates he does a lot to keep people interested in the dealings of the church.


Solon began his life as Bale Ramier, wastrel scion of a powerful guilder family in Southaven. Bale had everything he might possibly want at his very fingertips. The finest wine, meat, bread, women, whatever he desired could be his for the asking. The house of his father, Elvin Ramier was the finest in Southaven, bar none, and the T'Ovari were his family's close allies (many speculate that Elvin was a founding member). In his youth, Bale gorged himself upon privilege, eschewing duty and piety in favour of debauchery. But as he tells it, one night, deep in his cups, he stumbled into a basilica, and beheld a priest speaking on the love of Aliel. From then he swears that meat tasted as ash, and wine as piss, and all the beautiful women in the city could not turn his thoughts from the words of the sarith. Only when he returned to the basilica, again and again to hear the wisdom of the dioune, did his soul again rejoice. And so Bale Ramier joined the church, forsaking his old name, and taking Solon as his new identity. He became a radical, a philosopher, and a poet, and later a passionate advocate of the classical faith. They say that such was his charisma, and rebellious nature, that the Grand High Prelate sent him west to prevent him from turning the whole church to his beliefs!

Since those early days, Solon has grown much. Within four years of his arrival in Lierkist he became the previous High prelate's successor, and then inherited the prelacy. He has devoted himself to expressing his love and devotion to the Dioune in whatever medium he can lay his hands upon, and vehemently exhorts others to do the same. He teaches that in all crafts there can be worship, from the perfect curve of the cooper's barrel, to the careful line of a dancer's back, creation and beauty in the name of the Dioune are worship, and the Dioune see and bless such devotion. A patron of whatever takes his fancy, and free with the church coffers, Solon has made Lierkist a centre of culture and thought to rival Southaven in less than a decade.


Solon has few ties to his family, or home in Southaven. Elvin passed on some years ago, and Solon's elder brother Stephan now commands the Ramier assets, and keeps the relationship with the T'Ovari alive. Solon loves his three brothers Stephan, Edmund and Daenil, and his sister Ana, but the needs of the church come first, and his congregation are his new family. In Lierkist he is served by his subprelate Olwin and his household is administered by major domo Warin.

The Shining Ones take a particular interest in Solon, though they are an informal group, and seem to have no true leader, and little direct contact with the High Prelate. Still, Davin Vaun and Simon Dranshen keep a grave eye on the mercurial high prelate and his nigh-fanatical followers. Certainly Solon has shown no political ambition yet - indeed he seems ignorant to the church as a political entity at all - but one never knows.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Adult (36) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession High Prelate of Sigard (3) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (9)
Class High Prelate (7/8)
Talents Inventory
Fast +0 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful +0
Hale -1
Strong -2
Tough -1 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever -1 tool cap test
Insightful +3
Knowledgeable +0 attire environment
Perceptive +0
Wilful +0
Brave +0
Persuasive +4
Forceful +5
Lucky +0

Character Traits

A Masked Enigma (3)

The High Prelate of Sigard is a mystery. A capricious man, who seems at every turn chosen by the dioune themselves, whose every thought and action are a divine mystery to those around him. Like many, he is seen sometimes as madman, and sometimes as ascended beyond the comprehension of normal men. Regardless of which, it distances him from the common people, as sarith or lunatic.

Passions (2)

Solon is driven by wild passions. When he is engaged by something he devotes every inch of his boundless energy to it, often forgoing sleep to read and create and debate late into the night, and taking neither meat nor wine. When he is in this state he is prolific, but inevitably these scintillating explosions of nigh-prismatic energy leave him drained and morose when not so impassioned.