Speak Language Skill
When a character acquires the Speak Language Skill he must assign a specific language from the languages of Allornus and the character will be able to verbally communicate with any other individual with that skill. He may purchase as many language skills as he wishes in order to speak different languages. Take special note that literacy is not assumed in Allornus - instead a special milestone is included in the Speak Language Skill at level 4. At this point the character becomes able to read and write in the language if it has a written form.
Languages of Allornus
Ahlonia Isle Trade Tongue; Talthakee; Sielish; Giantish
Shattered Empire Irian; Bosk; Huragga; Ghost-speak
Knives of Rallah Ralstaan; High Ral; Fale'An-Heir; Huragga; Raak
Ancient Duchies Ghanish; Gan; Khal Mhul; Vorgan
Bear Tundra Tu'dra-Bachk, Kardesian
Lands of Chill Malish; Low Haedrasian; Arken
Imperatry Plains Low Haedrasian; Cant; High Cant
Inner Sea Basin Vashri; Kelorn; Irian; Khal Mhul; Bosk; Low Haedrasian; Kena'ku; Black Tongue
Southlands Kelorn; Irian; Bosk; Low Haedrasian; Bray
Unholy Wastes Drak; Malish
Fringe Nations Havari; Drukah
Others Language of Beasts; Language of Trees


The character cannot communicate in the named language. They must rely on body language, sounds, and other universal forms of communication.

Beginner (1-3)

The character can communicate in the named language.

Literate (4-6)

The character is a skilled communicator with a broad vocabulary and can read and write in the named language.

Complex (7-9)

The character is an exceptional communicator, with a nuanced and considered master of the named language. The character is well read, and understands the origins of the named language, including its influences and conventions.

Peak (10)

The character understands the language's every facet, convention and subtlety. The character is almost certainly a linguist.

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