This unusual weapon is the mainstay of Haedrasian Legions. Feared for its versatility, as well as its deadliness the Spear-Sword is similar in design to a glaive, it is perhaps best thought of as a full length, slightly curved sword blade, complete with crossguard, or even basket hilt, mounted atop a short wooden shaft, that can be used both as a foreshortened spear, or a lengthened sabre. When used in tandem with a tower shield these weapons prove quite flexible, able to stab at an opponent with a shorter hand weapon, or slash and parry when ranks break and fighting gets close. A typical tactic for Haedrasian infantry is to have their first rank squat down to fire a volley with their crossbows while the second rank receives an enemy charge on pikes, then the first rank rises up over discarded pikes to fight with the spear-sword. A daunting combination for any attacker to overcome!

While it is less well-known, the paddle-bladed variation common to the extreme south of Haedrasia is an equally serviceable weapon, more suited to single combat and sparring thanks to the dual cutting edges. Some individuals have even commissioned sword-breaker blades at the base of the curve, to entrap and snatch away enemy weapons, while other spear-swords exhibit handles on the haft to prevent exactly that.