Strath Gorge

Tech Code: 6
Governments: The Incorporated Feudal Fief of Strath Gorge.
Religions: The Dusain Cult of Rallah.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Balan's Tor,


Physical Geography

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Political Geography

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Social Geography

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Faith and Worship

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The Men and Myr of the Gorge

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Today in Location…

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The Knives of Rallah, High Kingdom of Ralstaa
The Shaeish Kingdoms Caldare, Donnaigh, Rhuovaith, Kileirey, Balleymoore, Cannavin, Wynd, Breconn, Coulbaigh
The Lleweith Kingdoms Avalaigh, Haeliard, Lammornia, Branddale, Talladale, Bradenthyr, Tohl
The Starwood Cwmbran, Kentallen Wood, Uerenuell
Tuarvael Castrette, Serlot, Friesse
The Dunsain Kingdoms Byrnham, Blackstone, Craigbyrn, Duncarrick, Strath Gorge, Garynshae, The Clanlands, Aulorn's Gate
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