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Governments: The Incorporated Feudal Fiefs of Benkirk, Dungar and Eorol. The Incorporated Free City of Tohl Maralkar.
Religions: The Temple of the Sun.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Alendel, Spearmarch Pass, Tohl Annwn, Tohl Maralkar, Tohl Raen, Tohl Talla.


Physical Geography


Political Geography

The kingdom of Talladale was the land of Viran Uth-Rallis, but when he abandoned it to embark on his campaign of domination, Talladale fell into disrepair and has been dominated by criminals almost perpetually since. His capital moved to Tohl, leaving the City of Widows a backwater, and making Talladale one of the least wild yet most dangerous of the settled lands of Ralstaa







The City of Widows


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Social Geography

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Abridged History

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The Folk of Talladale

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individual

Master Traeg Stonefeet Uth-Rivvan
The leader of the logging and milling cabal that controls most of Talladale beyond the walls of Tohl Maralkar, Traeg and his predecessors are responsible for the relative civilization of Talladale, but even the adamant willed Traeg will not go near the City of Widows.

His Majesty; Döron, the Rat King
Döron is the ruler of the City of Widows, while his line are only stewards and hold no real title Döron has embraced the moniker ‘Rat King’ with an enthusiasm that confounds those who endowed it upon him. It is perhaps so fitting that even Döron himself cannot deny that he really is the Rat King.

Today in Talladale…

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The Knives of Rallah, High Kingdom of Ralstaa
The Shaeish Kingdoms Caldare, Donnaigh, Rhuovaith, Kileirey, Balleymoore, Cannavin, Wynd, Breconn, Coulbaigh
The Lleweith Kingdoms Avalaigh, Haeliard, Lammornia, Branddale, Talladale, Bradenthyr, Tohl
The Starwood Cwmbran, Kentallen Wood, Uerenuell
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