The city of Tarm is the seat of the Tarkhan of Nasis, and was once the capitol of the realm. Now that the Tarkhan's power has waned the city has receded, as many residents have moved to Vor Ushta in fits of impassioned zeal. Most of the outer houses are now abandoned, and in disrepair, inhabited only by the destitute and by the chill wind, or occasionally by their own roof beams, collapsed under snow. Once, some ancient historic Tarkhan had an ambition to wall the city, but he barely got half way, and now huge walls joining stout bastions stretch futilely around the western edge of the city, presenting an imposing gate to the highway, but petering into abandoned ruin a mere stone's throw from where the road passes into the city. Known as Ortozi's Folly, it has become a cruel jibe at the Tarkhan's impotence, for the senior priests of the One True Faith to enter the city by riding around the wall rather than through the gates.

Region: The Hallowedland, Nardaan
Total Population: 6,300 approx.
Tech. Level: 4
Major Industry:
Major Religions: One True Faith

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Locations of Interest

Ortozi's Folly

Notable Groups and Individuals

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