While 'new money' might be a foreign concept to the Ralstaans, it is a growing force in Tohl, and Tarrowmoore is where this emerging middle class make their homes. Safer than most areas thanks largely to a lot of gold surreptitiously channeled into the right people in the Lord Provost's office, Tarrowmoore was once a lower class district based around a particularly large plaza. Thanks to escaping the Bandit Wars relatively intact however, the houses and shops of Tarrowmoore have been renovated and expanded over and over again in recent decades, until facades now overhang the streets so far in some places that they meet in the middle, and the roofs of some buildings have been flattened and joined by walkways so that other buildings can be erected on them. The result is a haphazard, but structurally sound district that openly defies the carefully planned avenues that once ran through it. Wealth seems to have led to a sort of ambitious chaos of competition for space and status.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
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