Once the ancient capitol of the Siele Kingdom, tel-Celeste, the tower of stars, today there are a number of crumbling ruins that historians proclaim to be the remains of tel-Celeste, but in reality men and goblyns known this place in name only, and it will likely never be known for sure which, if any, are the real candidate. It is certain that its position was central to Ahlonia, but beyond this little can be said.

The Heir-Kei of Ahlonia, unlike other An-Heir, were fond of building permanent structures, though these places almost always had wings stretching into both worlds. As a result tel-Celeste may have simply slipped out of the real world. But if it could ever be found what riches it would hold is dubious at best. The An-Heir are not known for building permanent things, and those things of value in the tower would likely not be the gold and jewels and ancient magic that legends speak of, most likely it would be a garden or shells or stones or some other examples of valueless natural beauty.

tel-Celeste was once the seat of the so-called Siele-King Fieme where the councils of war for the Heir-Kei nation were held. Whether the creature known as tel-Shiva, originator of the Heir-Kei divide ever held court here is uncertain, but what is certain is that tel-Celeste was razed by the combined armies of Reddown and their goblyn allies some time in 701 HC according to Osric of Daultin, in one of the goriest and most savage battles ever to take place on Ahlonia.