Roughly translated, the Kei-Sang known as tel-Shiva's name means The Render, though the literal translation would be Tower of Ripping. tel-Shiva led the Heir-Kei away to the southern reaches of the starwood long before the sundering, where they isolated themselves from the rest of their kind. A liberator in some ways and a nightmare in others, tel-Shiva is one of only a very few Kei-Sang to outcast by the An-Heir, and even he met with an unpleasant end for all his leadership.


The Render was said to be a creature part is shadow part in light even more so than the fey folk with whom he dwelt, so that at times he could be seen right through. Enormous, even by An-Heir standards, he was monstrously and grotesquely muscular, and his great maw filled with its needle teeth was stretched and distorted in the malevolent features of an otherwise brooding face. This juggernaut of a creature was said to be able to rip menhirs from the earth and launch them with the ease that most might toss a stone. His name came from his hands, which had distorted into immense three-pronged claws, so that he no longer had the fine dexterity of his kind, and this was a source of endless frustration and rage for the creature when he would try to manipulate small objects, and of pain when he tried to eat.

With the taste for blood inherent to all of his kin, tel-Shiva would hunt and wrestle the great bears of the Forest, and when he had them under his power it was said that with a single slash he could open their throats, taking their heads nearly clean off and wrapping his mouth almost entirely around the severed head and open throat to drain them. Upon this fare he grew even larger and stronger and more savage, and tufts of coarse hair grew on his chest and forearms and spine. By the time of his death they say he could have swallowed a bear whole if he so chose, and reach his arms nearly all the way around a young David's Oak..


The Render had the hunger possessed by all of his cursed kind, the hunger for blood, and the ability to steal a creatures strength and memory when he fed upon its life, however tel-Shiva chose to feed only on the mightiest and largest of prey, and this in turn made him physically enormous, and deeply savage. He was also able to slip in between the two worlds far more easily than the rest of his kin, and at times when he was lucid he was barely in the world of the living at all, and objects would pass through him as if he were vapor, but when tel-Shiva raged and his hunger piqued he could shatter the peaks of mountains with his raw strength, and his crimson skin would turn aside the sharpest edge like a blade of grass. tel-Shiva was a creature of raw, almost elemental physicality and anger.

The Render's Lament

The legacy that tel-Shiva left behind is that of his defeat. The Heir-Kei, originally glad that their leader fought to give them freedom, and allow them to practice things un-fey in a new land, slowly began to fear the Kei-Sang's brutal rule and his unpredictable temper. When he eventually took the life of the girl he had seized as a lover and drank of her the Heir-Kei knew that tel-Shiva had gone too far, and must be stopped. But so mighty was he, and so frail they that confronting him was simply inconceivable. And so the sister of tel-Shiva's victim, an An-Heir known as Fieme, came up with a plan.

Taking the carcasses of many bears and other creatures of might they captured a drifting landmass and heaped it with gore, soaking the place in the scent of blood and flesh. Then, while tel-Shiva drifted between worlds in contented rest, barely aware of the world of the living, the An-Heir took great lashes and bound the island to the mainland, and drove many strong creatures there, such as oxen and samsun and the like. Then, with magiks ancient and powerful they closed the doors to the world of the dead on that place. When tel-Shiva awoke it was Fieme who courageously waited, hidden, for the terrible fiend to come, drawn by the scent of slaughter.

When tel-Shiva reached the place where the blood and bone was strewn around he became frenzied with hunger, and hacked and ripped and tore at all about him with glee. From the trees crept Fieme, and with his fire-glass sword he cut all of the bonds that tethered the island to the land. Carefully, slowly lest the Render realize his plan, Fieme pushed the island away from the mainland and it began to drift. Too late tel-Shiva realized the treachery of his people, and with a howl of rage he saw that with his mass and his ungainly claws he could not swim for home, nor could he pass into the world of the dead to escape, for the cunning Fieme had worked the spell beneath the waters around the island. His rage impotent the render drifted away to starve on his floating prison, and Fieme took tel-Shiva's place as his people's keeper.