Temple Scholar Profession

In lands where storied and tenured faiths boast whole libraries of scripture and philosophy the Temple Scholar is the curator, the keeper, the distributor and the advocate of this lore. The Church of the Dioune in Ahlonia, the Temple of the Sun and its cults in Ralstaa, the assorted splinter faiths of Irik in the Shattered Empire, or the Old Way and its adherents in the Southlands, each maintain a tradition of written scripture and works of history and philosophy at the heart of their systems of belief and each require men and women to keep these works, to lovingly maintain and reproduce them, to research the finer points of one matter of faith or another, and to determine the provenance and authenticity of any new works as they find their way into the faith as a whole.

Regions: Ahlonia Isle, Knives of Rallah, Shattered Empire, Southlands.
Tech. Code: 3+, until a body of written material emerges in a faith there's nothing to curate.
Rarity: 4, temple scholars will usually only be found around major centres of faith, but when found they'll be in large numbers.
Social Class: 3, as high-minded and educated servants of a faith scholars are well regarded.
Fame: 1-2, temple scholars seldom emerge from their libraries, scriptoriums and archives.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Deduction 2 3 4
Divhi Religion 3 5 7
Divination 0 0 1
Oratory 0 1 1
Region Lore 2 3 4
Region History 3 4 6
Resolve 1 1 2
Speak Language 4 6 7
Speak Language 4 4 5
Teaching 0 2 3
Wealth 2 2 2
Value 43 77 127

Usual Trappings

  • Scholar's attire.
  • 1-3 candles.
  • Flint and tinder.
  • Sealing wax.
  • Writing tools.
  • 1-4 common books.
  • Sometimes a knife.
  • Occasionally a rare or very rare book.