Terrain Survival Skill
The Terrain Lore Skill is a skill used to access information about a specific kind of terrain, useful for surviving in and moving through the appropriate terrain. The knowledge is general, such as where to find food or water, how to tell direction or other things that might generally be expected to be deduced for most incarnations of the chosen terrain. Further specialities in a single body of the parent skill's terrain might give access more specific information relating to an area, as might combining a terrain lore with a locale lore.

When acquiring a Terrain Lore a character selects a type of terrain to be studied in. A character may have multiple terrain lores each in a different terrain, chosen from the list below. The specific entry in the Atlas for a given region will list the predominant terrain types of that region.

  • City: populous man-made landscapes including large villages, cities and permanent encampments.
  • Desert: flat desolate areas including wastelands, large ruined tracts such as the Battlewaite and conventional deserts.
  • Flatland: flat landscapes including plains, grasslands, scrublands, low hills and farmlands.
  • Ice: frozen landscaped including glaciers, ice flows, frozen steppes and snow plains.
  • Jungle: tropical heavy growth landscapes including rain forests and dense and light jungle.
  • Mountain: including mountains, highlands, hills and rough upland terrain.
  • River: fresh water terrain including lakes streams rapids and waterfalls.
  • Sea: any body of sea including beaches and coastal terrain as well as open ocean.
  • Shadow: any part of the shadow world, this knowledge is exceptionally rare as even the native dreamspawn don't posses a terrain lore in their homelands, but some individuals have become familiar with the workings of this shifting world.
  • Sky: the study of weather, celestial bodies, and other the sun and moons, especially useful for diviners and navigators.
  • Swamp: areas of waterlogged land including marshland, river deltas and floodplains and bogs.
  • Wood: any non-tropical wooded area including heavy and light growth forests, wooded vales and conventional forests.

Key Statistic: Knowledge
Tech Level: 0



any actions that can be attempted without the skill

Beginner (1-2)


the primary action the skill is required for


the primary action the skill is required for

Professional (3-5)


an additional, more complex action now available

Expert (6-7)


an even more complex, often exciting or niched action or one that improves the quality of the primary action or actions

Master (8-9)


see above, but even more complex, and usually more niche

Perfect (10)

Perfect Action

an impossible, mythic, "magical" power acquired by perfecting the skill


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