Thairon is the political, religious and economic capital of all of Highdunn. It is the seat of the Kings of Highdunn and has been for centuries since the founding of the land itself. It is a great sprawling city with some areas that predate the founding of the nation. It rivals even Lierkist for sheer size and land mass but has not nearly the population. It sprawls over the southern coast at the northern point of Teth Bay where the water is deep and navigable to even the heaviest vessel. Just to the west of the city its outer districts straddle the Thair River and the thin peppering of trees that forms the edge of the Teryth Forest is not more than a hundred meters from the city walls at any point.

Region: Thairburrough, Highdunn
Total Population: 19,200 approx.
Tech. Level:
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The inner part of the city is laid out in an orderly grid pattern of roads and city blocks all based around the royal palace which sits at the center of the city backing on to the harbour and using this natural barrier to protect it’s southern approaches. The Palace itself is a great building of granite, which is a basic keep with several formal living quarters and outer fortifications constructed around the central tower, which juts out into the water from the main body of the palace. While the inner palace has the look of luxury the outer fortifications are strong and defensible. The scarlet bull banner of the Riese Kings of Highdunn are hung out in the mornings and withdrawn in the evenings by the palace guard.

The Inner city has become a district for nobility and merchants over the last fifty years with steady trade coming not only down the highways from the rich Oldarth Planes but also by sea from Southaven, Kembar and Leirkist which has caused growth in the merchant and craftsman class in the city. This part of the city is segregated from the rest of the city by a low wall with frequent unbarred gates, this wall is more to keep the rest of the city separate rather than to keep it out. The buildings are mostly of two or three levels and built of brick and mortar lower stories and wattle and daub upper, with thick shuttered windows occasionally with glass in richer homes. Inns and shops are common in this area and many tradesmen and traveling merchants sell their wares every day in the palace square outside the palace gates, this is also where the monthly executions are carried out and where royal proclamations are made.

The Middle city is the commons quarter. Surrounded by strong and well-patrolled walls with two major gates and five minor ones into the outer city. The bulk of the harbour district lies in the middle city and the layout is more irregular than in the inner city. Buildings are brick or wood with shuttered windows. They tend towards only a single story although two level buildings are not uncommon. Warehouses sit among the houses and serve as storage areas for merchant companies of the city. The squares of the middle city are common and normally filled with traders and stalls at all hours of the day and night except the early morning.

The outer city lies outside the walls and is quite small, including several wealthy farmsteads (most notably Holdsten House) and several homes as well as the Kein and Danner Mill where wood cut in the Tresser Veldt is milled and crafted. The outer city is only protected by sparse wooden palisades, and some homes lie outside even these.

The entire city is well policed by roughly three hundred professional guardsmen under the command of Guard Captain Galdren of the Kingsown and each of his three lieutenants are responsible for one of the city districts and each keeps a dungeon and guardhouse in his district. The laws of the city are relatively harsh with fines or short-term imprisonment for such minor crimes as public drunkenness, but the guard are too few to enforce such edicts all of the time and most patrols concentrate on the inner city. The army is used to patrol the outer walls and palace. Also several armed galleys; The Resilience, The Ironheart, The Warrior and The Hammer, all patrol the Thair and the Teth Bay for pirates and inspect merchant ship’s goods. They are crewed by some of the finest sailors outside of Sigard, but the mixed loyalties of the foreign sailors is alleviated by the posting of Tresser Veldt Veterans as the captains of all three vessles. It is illegal to bear arms in the Middle or Inner city unless in the service of the King, punishable by a night in jail, a public flogging and permanent confiscation of the weapon.

The most notable buildings in the city are the royal library, commissioned by King Algar III in the year 1,022 HC, the library is a vast repository of knowledge gathered from within the kingdom on matters such as state craft, history and geography as well as being the most renowned source of information on both battle tactics and geography on the entire continent. The other most prominent buildings on the skyline is the headquarters of the Highland/Lowland traders; a large imposing building of red brick with numerous smaller offices built around it. The building is home to the company, which controls most of the import and export of food and similar goods from the farms of the Oldarth planes down the highways to Thairon and other major trading centers. The guild is owned and operated by Baron Sordoth, whos family have only recently come upon the title from their position in the lesser nobility since the last line of Barons defected in the Maethan coup. And of course the Basilica of Thairon. Much of the city still bears the scars of the long and bloody battle fought here as the forces of the Dietric Kessel forced their way though the city to the palace gates, where they were finally turned back within the walls of the great keep itself.

The level of technology in the city is good for Ahlonia, with open drainage on the streets on the sides of houses that leads to a main storage area in the docks where waste is shipped out and dumped well out at sea. Oil lamps line the major streets of the city regularly keeping the city relatively bright and quite safe, and thanks to a network of caves under the city, which have been intentionally flooded by the river, wells are common enough for many houses to have private water sources inside their homes.

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The city is primarily controlled by the King Eldin Reise, who is served by twelve chancellors. Rulership of the city is left up to Alrin Sordoth Baron of Thairburrough, who appoints a Doge every twelve years generally from among his court. The current Doge is his son Andru who is a fine warrior and renowned socialite and leaves much of the day to day running of the city up to a council of clerks and to the Captain of the Guard while he deals only with matters of major importance. Since the Maethian coup a small garrison has been kept in a barracks built against the main gate to Thairon. While they in no way represent an army these men are mostly drawn from retired Tresser Veldt veterans, professional warriors and freemen who the Garrison at Thairon saves the Earls of the Veldt from having to settle.