The Bair
Taking its name from the Bair of Suirene, The Bair is the stretch of coast that forms the extreme southern limits of the Imperatry Templarate. The Bair is some of the most temperate, pleasant land in all of Haedrasia, and thanks to the relative shelter of the great gulf, it also enjoys some of the clearest weather - with winters where snow is all but unknown, and summers of clear skies and warm days, tempered by brisk northerly breezes that keep the temperature clement and comfortable. It is no small wonder that all legionaries so anticipate their retirement to the jewel of the Soldatry.

Tech Code: 7
Governments: Totalitarian theocratic dominion administered by the Arch-Primate of Suirene.
Religions: Imperatry Temple
Industries and Trades: maintain formatting
Major Terrain: Flatlands, Sea.
Primary Languages: Low Haedrasian, Cant.
Major Settlements: Siwonaba.


Physical Geography

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Political Geography

Just as the Bair is a region unlike the rest of Haedrasia in topography, so the political landscape is very different. The Templarate has never had much interest in this southern coast - both of the Bair's borders are secured by ancient treaty, and are some of the only truly friendly borders Haedrasia has. And so distant is this land from the heart of the empire, and so loyal from generations of being populated by retired, decorated soldiers, that internal politics and rebellion have never reached far above a whisper. Even the Lictors concern themselves more with the borderlands with the southern Kelorn districts, where the ancient mage clans still hold sway, rather than examining the citizens of the bair too closely.

Social Geography

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Abridged History

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Arch-Primate of Suirene, Teon Halius Manus
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Today In Location…

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