The Crooked Plains

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Physical Geography

Tainted by their proximity to the wastes of Maldaakore, and the Nightmarelands, the Crooked Plains are nowhere near as inhospitable as these places, but nor are they particularly desirable, and perhaps this is why no major power has laid claim to this stretch of land. The Crooked Plains might not be horribly twisted, and constantly in flux like the plains to the west, or a blasted mountainous wasteland like those to the north, but they are unusual. The region is largely temperate savannah, but the surface of the land is filled with cracks, and some parts of the land are thrust up in the air, while others sit low in the ground, and some are shallow indentations, while others are short mesas. It is as if the land were cut rudely into portions and then reassembled wrong by some careless spirit or giant in the times before history.

Political Geography

Because there is little here, and Maldaakore makes for an unpleasant northern neighbour, no political power has laid a claim here, and only the nomadic Orkûn native to the region, a few small Mhulak settlements, and some enclaves of Malorns lucky enough to have escaped their overlords to the north generations ago lay claim to regions of the plains, and these communities remain self-sufficient and unambitious.

Social Geography

The Crooked Plains are one of the most uninhabited regions of all Allornus, save for those places utterly hostile to life. Even Taurvann to the south with its scattered horse-tribes boasts a greater civilized population than the Crooked Plains. Still, once, long ago, before the Sundering, this was a land at the very heart of the great Kelorn Federation and the ruins of their promising civilization still dot the irregular landscape - barely recognizable as what they once were. On the whole the plains might be oddly picturesque, and perhaps it is their abandoned and windswept grasslands, broken by the occasional ivy-clad stone arch that draws those who seek seclusion and simplicity to take the long trek through the Camari Pass to this land.

Faith and Worship



Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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The Zmey Damozes

Notable Individuals

Czaren Shor
Czaren Shor, the waker of mountains, makes his home in an intricately crafted citadel of stone and crystal somewhere in the Crooked Plains, or so the legend says. Legend goes on to say that the citadel is surrounded by statues - the final fate of those who trespass in his lands. He trades only with the boar-cats of the region, for he trusts neither greenskin nor man, and openly shuns, and often destroys, any who seek him out. But people still seek him out. A powerful earth-gift, like most of the gifted Czaren has little time for the paltry dweomers of dusty tomes, but his will bends and shapes mountains to his vision. Perhaps this is why he has chosen the misshapen plains for his home. Still, in even the most isolated village of the northern basin, the name Czaren Shor illicits a sharp intake of breath, and a quick prayer for protection.

The Roaming Pigmen

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Trade with the North

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Surviving in the Land of Edges

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Hunting and Forraging

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The Nightmare Border

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Today In The Crooked Plains…

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The Domains of the Inner Sea Basin
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