The Encyclopaedia Arcana Appendix 3

This resource is a list of Random Spell Failure Effects that can be used to generate random magic effects, primarily geared towards use when a spell collapses or its caster makes a mistake in its casting, however there are other uses for such random effects, and ultimately this table is intended for use by a Director in whatever way he sees fit. Certain results on this table may not be appropriate for the specific spell that has collapsed, or for effects that don't have a 'caster', and so these are merely a resource to be used or not as a Director wishes. Randomization is not essential, nor is abiding by any result. This material is published with the sole intention of providing a tool to save the Director time, and allow him to introduce flavor and vitality to the world that is outside of the scope of the story, and should be considered a resource and not a rule.

Whenever a 'miscast' of a spell or other random magical effect occurs this table can be used. The Director should roll a number of times on this table, either based on the relative power of the magic that is at work (usually not more than ten times), or simply generate 1d6 results. If a result is generated twice then the second result is either applied to a different individual, or ignored. To randomly generate an effect the Director should roll 1d100 and consult the entries below for a corresponding number, or choose an effect from this list completely at his own discretion. The affected individual should be chosen at random, but with a 3:1 weight on the effect manifesting on the individual channelling the spell.

These effects primarily apply to a 'caster' or the immediate region around the casting of the spell. In any of these cases the two should be considered interchangeable, but in many cases effects designated caster may take a considerable amount of work to apply to a geographic region, and vice versa. Generally such adaptations should not mirror another effect on the table (thus making that effect more common than listed). Furthermore "caster(s)" can be seen to imply anyone involved in the spell, be it the spell's target/recipient, the individual(s) channelling the spell, individuals assisting the channeller, or even in some rare circumstances immediate bystanders.

1 A Change is in the Air
caster(s) change gender and/or race (including animals) either permanently or long term. the process is extremely painful and takes a short time, as does any reversion back to original. the more powerful the spell gone awry, the more radical the change. The caster retains all personal history and memory, and mental traits are only reduced, never increased. In the most minor cases the caster may simply become enormously fat (acquire fat 1d3), or change facial features and general appearance (requiring a new beauty score be generated) unrecognizable as his former self.

2-5 Another Place, Another Time
caster(s) sucked through the shadow world, instantaneously arriving somewhere else. Normal rules for abnormal progression of time in the shadow world apply. Shadow gate instantly recloses, leaving no hope for return.

6 An Unquiet Mind
caster(s) acquire telepathy, but cannot control it, resulting in him being bombarded with chaotic masses of thought whenever in civilized regions

7-8 Beastmaster
all animals (living creatures without souls) of either one type, several types or all types either hate, fear or obsessively follow caster(s) for period determined by the level of power unleashed. In the latter case if he can communicate the caster can command the adoring beasts. In extreme cases animals in close proximity or physical contact simply die

9 Bereft
caster(s) lose 1d10 skills randomly and completely. They can be relearned normally.

10-11 Bound
caster(s) bodies are consumed, and casters souls become nature spirits in control of the immediate area, or (2% of the time) are channelled into the most magically reactive nearby object

12 Burden and Unburden
Gravity becomes 50% a crushing force or 50% half as effective in casting area

13 Cursed!
a curse befalls the caster(s)

14 Degeneration or Regeneration
caster(s) and/or everyone in close proximity becomes permanently younger or older than they really are

15-16 Delusions
caster(s) are now under the effect of a very specific and rational delusion capable of actually manipulating the sensory information gathered by their eyes and ears. Unlike simple madness, this delusion is not rooted in trauma, but actually in a mutation of the ability to perceive incoming information (see Descartes)

include generous table of examples

17 Doppleganger
the caster(s) split painfully into two identical creatures. The double usually has an insatiable desire to kill the original and take its place. Sometimes, instead of one double there are two 50% scale doubles, 3 30% scale doubles, 4 25% scale doubles and so on. These doubles will kill the original before moving on to one another.

18-20 Elemental Endowment
nearby substances are shifted towards the kind of element suggested by the energies gone wild - this could cause substances to become solid, liquid, gaseous, flammable, alive, necrotic, radiant or shadowy, explode, implode or similar depending on the element.

1 Fire

2 Earth

3 Air

4 Water

5 Life

6 Death

7 Light

8 Darkness

21 Entropy
the caster(s) are unmade, vanishing from history as if they never existed - though this process is never entirely perfect

22-24 Eternal Slumber
caster(s) or nearby people fall into a deep magical sleep for a period of time equivalent to the magical forces unleashed

25 Fair is Foul
major weather effects, natural conditions inverted in close proximity to target or caster(s)

26 Forbidden Knowledge
caster(s) immediately exchange a random skill (double chances of it being relevant casting skill) in favour of a skill they don't have, with the same level of proficiency (i.e. alchemy 8 - speak haedrasian 8)

27 Forget Me Not
caster(s) will never forget anything again, acquiring perfect memory 3. Eventually this will almost certainly lead to madness unless perfect memory 3 can be accessed as a racial trait or caster(s) permanently and irretrievably forget a portion of their immediate or distant past, the extent of which is determined by the potency of the magic unleashed. This history can be re-learned, but is 100% gone and can never be recalled

28 Fusion
two caster(s) suddenly and painfully merge into a single body. The fusion is usually fatal, but occasionally one or very rarely both individuals survive.

29 Gone!
caster(s) become invisible, in extreme cases they also lose the ability to make sound, and sometimes even move objects, essentially becoming ghost-like, for a period of time determined by the level of magic unleashed

30 Horrific Inversion
life becomes death and/or death becomes life

31 Idle Hands
one of the caster's body parts (often an arm or leg) gains a will of it's own, and sometimes tries to kill its owner

32-33 Impure
Effect Description

1-3 Acquire Diseased 1
4-5 Acquire Diseased 2
6 Acquire Diseased 3

random symptoms

34 Leave Me Breathless
caster(s) now breathe something other than air (examples include water, smoke etc - try not to be too specific). If caster had the breathless trait he reduces it by 1 level

35 Liars Tongue
caster(s) are now incapable of lying, or incapable of telling the truth

36-46 Maddness
Effect Description

1-3 Acquire Mad 1
4-5 Acquire Mad 2
6 Acquire Mad 3

random symptoms

47-50 Marked
a minor, largely cosmetic change marks the caster(s) as a wizard.

include a table of changes including -
eyes change colour every time character blinks, character's every 50th footprint is that of a cloven hoof, all of character's teeth fall out, character not casts a shadow totally different to his own shape, dust gathers where the character's shadow falls etc.

51 Monstrous Flux
caster acquires 1d10 new traits from following table:

include generous table, featuring such traits as "disturbling voice", "horns", "fur", "horrifying" etc

52-57 Mutation
Effect Description

58 Null
caster(s) or area of casting acquire super reality 1d3, making further use of magic difficult or even impossible, caster(s) gifted or mage sight traits are reduced to zero

59 Posessed
a dreamspawn, ghost, blarog or similar creature is sucked into the channeller's body with the spell energies, and will immediately try to take control of the new host

60-61 Reshaped
caster(s) are transformed into an animal or even an inanimate object

62-63 Rot
inanimate objects in the immediate area age a number of years equal to the relative power of the magic unleashed. metal will rust and turn to powder, wood and fabrics rot, and after long enough even stone will crumble.

64 Sensory Overload
caster(s) lose 1d6-1 senses, perhaps permanently

65-71 Shadow Gate
barrier between the real world and the shadow world destroyed in an area determined by magical energy

72 Something New
generate a random trait from caster's race's random traits list and acquire at at level 3

73 Sudden Death
caster(s) all die, usually in an extremely unpleasant and unnatural way, such as all their blood exploding out through their skin, their flesh melting, vomiting out their own organs, irresistible auto-cannibalization etc. Depending on the form this takes it could be avoidable. Include unpleasant death table

74-76 Temperature Fluctuation
temperature in the immediate region of the miscast spell either drops or increases dramatically (to highest or lowest natural levels minimum)

77 The Passion
the immediate region induces an overwhelmingly strong random emotion (fear, anger, sorrow, euphoria etc) for a period of time equivalent to the power of the magic unleashed

78-79 The Powers of Creation
the actual terrain around the caster(s) is permanently altered, on a scale dictated by the energies unleashed

80 The Swap
caster(s) and those nearby randomly have their minds/souls transferred into other (living) bodies. If the caster is alone then something from the shadow world is pulled into his body, and he is effectively killed - severed from his physical form, there is a chance his replacement will be a dreamspawn, a lost soul, recently deceased spirit or perhaps even a Baalfr !

81-82 Total Annihilation
wild, unchecked destruction on a potentially epic level, often far in excess of the energies being summoned

83-84 Transmogrification
one substance permanently transforms into another, elementally/alchemically similar substance. flesh to stone is a much feared example

include generous table of examples

85 Twisted
caster(s) reduce 1d4-1 random stats to racial minimum and increase 1d6-4 random stats to racial maximum

86 Uncontrollable Growth
caster(s) begin to grow (or shrink) painfully and uncontrollably, destroying their garments and taking damage appropriate to armour etc broken through, to a size determined by the power of the magic unleashed

87-88 What May Come
caster(s) experience a brief glimpse of a future event. This will always be an event resonant (important) enough to form the core of a prophecy.

89-90 Wicked Adoration
all people either irrationally love or hate the caster(s) (one or the other, not a mix of both) for a duration based on the potency of the magic unleashed

91-00 Wild Elements
Effect Description

1 Fire

2 Earth

3 Air

4 Water
flood/storm/killer wave

5 Life
wild growth

6 Death

7-8 Light/Darkness