The Frozenland

Tech Code: 1
Governments: none.
Religions: none.
Industries and Trades: none.
Major Terrain: Sea.
Primary Languages: none.
Major Settlements: none.


Physical Geography

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

The Child King
The Child King is a boy of maybe six or seven, wearing nothing but a crown and loincloth, blue from frostbite, gifted and possessed by the imprisoned shade of Moroth (the frozenland is very much a product of Moroth’s presence). The child king is in possession of a magical sword called ‘Coldstalker’ which he wears on his back but does not usually wield, which is in fact one of Kandor the Mad’s Seven Swords, initially called Takado (TAK-a-doh)

An enormous doberman (maybe 7 feet at the shoulder) that can paralyse any man while it holds his gaze and breathes a freezing wind; its claws are deadly poisonous. The Child King actually rides Duranthyx into battle, and the dog protects him at all times.

Life on the Barren Ice

Foraging for Food

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Traversing the Frozenland

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Keeping the Borders

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Traders and Whalers

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Today In The Freeze…

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The Bear Tundra and Kardesia
The Snow Plains, The Cinizern Mountains, Rockfell, The Glaciers, The Frozenland
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