The Haules

The Haules were the site of some of the largest and bloodliest altercations of the bandit wars, but most of that has been forgotten and now it is a very successful lower class trade district and market, although rumours that illegal goods can also be obtained here are still abundant. Based around no less than six major roads, and bordered in the west by the middle city walls overlooking the Old Ward, the east border is formed by Bleak Street, the north by Granaries Row, named for the old grain silos that still stand there, and the district is broken up by northern Crook Street, Masons Street, Princes Street and Corpse Run.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
Total Population: 27,800 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Buildings here all have a new look, having all been heavily repaired and restored in the past two decades. Stone structures, whitewashed to give a clean look, and usually three to four levels capped with dark shingles, the lower class aspects of the district means that raw timber extensions are already cropping up everywhere. High above the streets extensions jut rudely on shaky supports from windows and balconies. Streets are numerous here, but wild variances in the ground level mean that many end in dead ends, or split into winding stairways. The main roads are generally kept in good condition, more for their access to the walls than by any effort of the local people, but side streets are often choked in mud and sewerage, where they are not elevated.

The district is split between four houses, House Ellene, House Lerent, House Rein and the infamous slum-princes of House Deloene. Gangs from Houses Lerent, Ellene and Deloene all keep a presence here, though in The Haules violent altercations tend to be shorter, and more actively pursued by the watch. The Haules is mainly populated by Ralstaans, but Vorgor are scattered around the border with Old Man's Crook, and Birdmen from Ravvh often pass over as they travel in and out of The City.

Locations of Interest


1. Arrian Uth-Lorrin, Tradehouse
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2. Ruined Blockhouse
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3. Badstone House
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4. The Sign of the Toy Soldier (meadhall)
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5. Citizen's Militia Stronghold (unconfirmed)
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6. The Sign of the Hood (meadhall and inn)
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7. Howl the Elder's House
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8. The Sign of the Purple Cloud (cloud den)
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9. Watch Blockhouse
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10. The Wall Market
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11. Tiler the Scalper, Chirurgeon
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12. The Haules Baths
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Notable Groups and Individuals

The captain of the watch in The Haules is a man called Valamon Uth-Travan, a retired knight who lost an arm at tourney. The Sign of the Purple Cloud is one of the more famous cloud dens of Tohl, and it's proprietor, a former Brooke Moore alchemist named Alvarin, prides himself on making new and mind expanding cloud. Finally Tiler "the scalper" is the district's most inexpensive churogeon. He can patch up most injuries with no question, for little gold, and usually with severe side-effects.