The Heathen North
Cloaked forever in the eternal darkness, this land of perpetual night, towering glaciers, lakes of sapphire blue, miles-deep frozen crevasses, and endless snow bears only the name the Heathen North, given to it by the agents of the One True Faith, because they claim that it is home to a mighty daemon who can stand no light, and whose breath makes the frigid winds that freeze this land.

Tech Code: 0
Governments: none.
Religions: none
Industries and Trades: none.
Major Terrain: Mountains.
Primary Languages: none.
Major Settlements: none.


Physical Geography

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Setting Trait (3): In the Frigid, Alien, Night There is but a single thing that a rare visitor will recall about the north - the land. Cloaked in eternal night, the land has never glimpsed the sun, and nor have the things that live here. As cold as the glaciers of Kardesia, and never knowing the touch of the sun, the ice here has been frozen since the dawn of the world, and what little ekes out a pathetic living in these dire lands is strange - unlike anything found anywhere else in the world. Passing north of the Nachtrekts is like stepping off Allornus altogether.

Surviving the Eternal Night

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The Divh Beyond the Light

There is no certainty, and less knowledge. No religion offers the creature worship. No book records its name. But the people of Nardaan believe that the extreme cold and dark of Nardaan is cause by a powerful and angry elemental, totally alien to the rest of its kind, that rules over the lands north of the mountains. Some say it was driven made by the sundering, or that it is in fact one of the fabled memories of the sundering. Whatever the truth, there is something utterly other-worldly embodied in that land, and those few who have ventured north say that its whispers carry mad ramblings on the wind.



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Denizens in the North

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Today, In The Dark…

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Nardaan, Land of Chill and Eternal Night
The Hallowedland, The Heathen North, Arkenrecht, Meldoki
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