The High Warlock

Very little is known about the High Warlock, and few care to brave his domain to further their knowledge. He is most certainly one of the most dangerous individuals who walks Ahlonia today and few men can resist feeling a chill at the mere mention of his name. He appeared roughly four and a half centuries ago, from where no man knows, and took over the southernmost citidel of old Shiel Meial, which in the language of men is called Skyreach. After a couple of small expeditions by men and goblyns were brutally turned away all sides decided it was best to leave him to himself, and indeed he seemed satisfied with this accord. Many years later in the face of tenacious petitions from Boer Sherinen, the Isle’s first native magician, he began taking students and sending them as his envoys to the various courts of Ahlonia. Despite his obvious influence and his seeming political presence however, these things remain a mere footnote because no-one really knows what his presence means.


Those who have seen the High Warlock describe him as incredibly tall and imposing, but not broad. He wears a plain brown hooded robe that is exceptionally full and makes his movements flowing and ghost-like. Over his face he wears an ornate wooden mask, carved to resemble a hawk-like face with a horse-hair beard and only a right eye, the left is polished bare and smooth. His face is locked permanently in something between a smirk and a sneer, lifelike as a death mask. Rumour has it he is horribly deformed beneath this mask, or maybe not even human. The only thing that is known for sure is if the power of his students or the potent nature of his reputation are anything to go by his magic is truly mighty.


The generally apathetic and enigmatic Warlock is a force to be reckoned with, or simply entirely avoided. Still, petitioners go to his tower every year to respectfully request that he consider them as students, and teach them the ways of his awesome powers. Many fall prey to the dangers of the Forest Kingdom within hours of stepping off the Forest Way. Most that make it to his doorstep are ignored, and left to wander the Forest trying to survive in this forbidding territory. Some anger the Warlock, and their bleached bones litter the walkway to his doors.


The Warlock’s history on the Isle is a well documented one. He first appeared in the winter of 1145 HC at Southaven, where his exceptional presence was obviously noted. He came on a longship with no oarsmen and made his home in an opulent boarding house in the Guilds District, but after the amount of attention he received there he chose to depart. Two years later soldiers marching up the Forest Way reported that the ruins of Skyreach had been partially restored, and the Warlock was quickly sighted in the area. Emissaries from Sigard and Highdunn were both turned away, merely ignored, and both nations generally came to accept him, however the more they observed the more apparent it became that he had the power to warp the world and do the impossible seemingly overnight.

For the next decade the great nations of the Isle sent generous gifts and great largess to Skyreach, however the Warlock seemed totally uninterested by all but some of the most unusual gifts, and refused all summons. Southaven itself tried to gauge his nature, suspecting him some kind of giant-sent spirit, but when their investigations into his origin or nature proved inconclusive they chose to become heavy handed, and sent a large armed detachment to Skyreach, suspecting that some mighty Siele battle magician had retaken the mighty fortress, and intended to make war. Nothing was ever heard from the force again. Southaven, and the rest of Ahlonia, awaited retribution. But none came.

For over a century they waited until in 1275 HC Boer Shenien, a scholar from Highdunn and a failed priest, cast out for ‘potentially heretical speculations’, came to the Warlock’s tower. He stayed for a week petitioning the Warlock to taken him as a student. He was ignored, but he returned for one week every year for a full thirty years. In 1305 HC the Warlock came to the door, and so the Warlock’s place on the face of Ahlonia changed to that he fills now forever. When Shenien returned fifty years later he had aged not a day, and brought the wisdom of the Warlock to the world of men.

Close to two hundred years later the Warlock continues to take a precious few as students. When their training is done he sends them forth back out into the world to serve under one of the crown heads of Ahlonia as a councillor and a tool for the betterment of the lands of Ahlonia, and even Southaven has come to grudgingly accept a student of the Warlock as a gift and and emissary of this enigmatic man. His students speak very little of the Warlock, and are almost a secretive as he, though on occasion the name Norovis has been tantalizingly uttered by some supreme accident. They speak nothing of their training, will not take students themselves, and when their time is over they return to the Warlock, seemingly unaged despite often living twice or more a normal lifespan, never to be heard of again. Perhaps the only exception to this is the so called Black Sarith Willem Cole, the prodigal student of the High Warlock who today recognizes no master, and does not kneel at the Warlock’s summons. What passed between these men in the secret halls of Skyreach will probably remain forever unknown, but these two forces sit in their towers seemingly waiting for the other to start the war both know is brewing between them.


The Warlock deals with very few indeed, and none know what criteria cause him to choose his students. He will see no one except a past or future student, and those that he takes as students and displease him are simply never seen again. The Warlock remains master and mentor to most of his students, including the Iron Mage, Morgan the Blue and Garrin the White of Highdunn. While the Scarlet Witch betrayed the Warlock, siding with his enemy the Black Sarith, she has since returned to the fold and it seems the Warlock has forgiven her. The only real enemy the Warlock has is the Black Sarith himself, Cole stole from the Warlock and betrayed his trust. Now the two men seem determined to one day destroy one another, but neither wants to be the first to act.


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Character Traits

An Enigma Wrapped in a Cloak (3)

The very defining essence of the Warlock is secrecy. He is a mystery - no one knows from where he came or why, no one knows why he took Skyreach, or why or how he chooses his students. No one knows whether his motives are sinister or benign. No one even knows what he looks like.

Sorcerer King! (3)

The terror and awe that the folk hold the students of Skyreach in holds doubly true for their enigmatic master. The power of the High Warlock is legend, and many attribute feats akin to the divine to him. His silence, and his hostility to intrusion have only exasperated his menace.