The Iron Mage

The mysterious Iron Mage serves as court magician at Daultin. No one has ever seen him without his voluminous grey robes or the huge, horned iron helm and gauntlets he wears, but with these he towers a monstrous seven feet tall and his low voice rasps through the grills in his helm. He is an imposing presence and his powers are undeniable, he calls himself the greatest war-mage on the Isle, and few armies will go to the field if they hear he stands opposed. As well as wielding the Warlock's tutelage this monstrous figure is also capable of felling most warriors, either by some fell enchantment or plain skill he is a near unequalled with his vicious glaive, the bitter weapon screaming with a terrible voice as he swings it.


The Iron Mage is monstrous, though one cannot judge the man's true height because he is never seen without his helm he stands seven feet tall, though his shoulders are narrow, and his long formless robe makes him seem willowy and bent like some hunched wraith. The Iron Mage is nothing beyond his attire. Thick, articulated plate gauntlets ending in points like claws emerge from a shapeless, voluminous robe of slate-grey. Plate boots, similarly articulated and pointed drum a hollow march on the flags wherever he goes in Proudmoore, and topping all of this is a helm, a flat-topped bucket with no visible seam, has a set of extremely long, straight horns from some unknown creature, like those of a bull stretched to impossible length, mounted out of the sides. The face is just a cruciform gulf inside of which there is nothing but unfathomable darkness. When the Iron Mage does speak his voice rasps, with a metallic ring, from this darkness. He never yells, for surely his own voice would be deafening within his second face of iron.

Though he makes no use of it, preferring the swift spear that he he leans upon, the Iron Mage is seldom without a crisp scabbard on his back. Within it is a long, curved sword of the kind found amongst siele ruins. But this weapon is made of neither bone nor steel, but rather of obsidian. Shot through with fractures, and held together by a stiff rod of steel, many claim that the weapon is none other than Daundugar, the fabled sword of Martel Baldardun, and before him Fieme the Siele King. The Iron Mage is predictably circumspect on the subject.


The Iron Mage is severe, militant and imperious. He clearly recognizes no master beyond the Warlock, neither bending his knee to the Earls, nor showing them any specific disrespect. Dealings with the Iron Mage tend to be brief and to the point, and he works with such an economy of language that those speaking to him often feel foolish for overstating so lavishly. The Iron Mage will not stand fools, nor idle chit-chat, and largely expects to be left alone unless some duty summons him. People tend to be drawn to address him formally, but he simply seems to not care whether or not he is shown proper respect, however anyone trying to deliver instructions rather than requests will usually find themselves totally ignored as the Iron Mage simply pushes past them mid sentence.


Seventeen years ago the last court magician in Daultin passed away, his years finally catching up with him. Within an hour of his death the Iron Mage arrived at court, bearing a message bearing the seal of the High Warlock. It said simply “Your new magician”, since he has served the Earls, albeit without enthusiasm or respect, loyally and with lethal efficiency. The Iron Mage tolerates no fools and answers no questions, he simply takes his orders and moves on to quickly and efficiently complete them, then retreats to the tower in Castle Proudmoore in which he dwells until he is summoned again.

Understandably the court of Reddown, and the Earls' Council are wary of this towering, implacable magician, but thus far he has served loyally and without any seeming guile or unseen motive and despite a demeanour that in every way suits his adopted name, and the absolute mystery of his past, his real name or even his appearance, the Iron Mage has given no indication that he is anything but a loyal servant of the Earls' Council upon which he sits.


The Iron Mage has no friend, and seems to have neither family, nor origin. The only people he even associates with are the Earls' Council. He seems to have littleto do with the Warlock or his fellow pupils, though in the past he has had dealings with Garrin the White, going so far as to visit the old man at Thairon on a handful of occasions in the past decade, presumably in some official capacity as one could hardly call these meetings cordial. Recently however the Iron Mage has been associated more and more with Pieter Tolbren, leading to suspicion that there may be some secret alliance between the two to help Tolbren become Reddown's first King.


Race Male unknown Skills
Age unknown (?) Skill Points: 218/250
Profession Sorcerer (2) skill value rationale
Faith unknown (?) Alchemy 3
Class Court Sorcerer (7/8) Awareness 3
Talents Inventory Diounic Religion 2
Fast -1 weapon cap threshold reach Intimidation 6
Graceful +0 Black Iron Spear 8 3 7 Martial Combat 8
Hale +0 Obsidian Leid 9 4 4 Metal Crafting 8
Strong +1 armour hard tiers enc/limit Ahlonian Lore 2
Tough +0 Iron Mage's Raiment +2B/+6I/+7W 3 -3/yes Ahlonian History 2
Resolve 6 Implacable
Clever +0 Speak Trade Tongue 4
Insightful -2 Stamina 3 Armour Training
Knowledgeable +0 Forest Survival 2
Perceptive +0
Wilful +2 Magic
spell value rationale
Brave +4 Chill 6
Persuasive -1 Iron Shaping 7
Forceful +3 Warlock's Sigil 5
Lucky +0

Character Traits

All is Iron (3)

The Iron Mage's powers revolve around manipulating metal, his name is metal, and even his face is metal to most, but his personality also has much in common with his namesake. Implacable and emotionless, the Iron Mage is somehow inhuman - as if he were a construct of metal. His voice and body language betray no emotion, and this makes his hard to read, and not a little unnerving.

The Warlock's Disciple (1)

Like the other students of the High Warlock, the Iron Mage is loyal to his old master, and stays in contact with his brothers and sister. Perhaps he is frosty, even distant, compared to the other sorcerers of Ahlonia, never the less he will still heed his master or brethren's summons when he is needed. Though perhaps grudgingly.