The Salt Flats
Known sometimes as the Salten Marges, the Salt Flats mark the boarder between the mysterious nation of Maldaakore and the Empire of the Haedar. Though in name the flats lie within the empire, in truth neither party can lay much of a claim to these hellish saline marshlands. Conditions are terrible - the salt in the land means that all but the hardies plants cannot grow. The water is undrinkable, the land too damp for fire, and the very mists stink the eyes and crack the skin. From the pools black corpses in their thousands in armour pitted and decaying as if centuries old even after mere days, watch the legions and raiding parties pass by here and there.

There is a saying that the flats hunger for flesh, and at the rate they consume lives and dessicate the husks that remain this is almost certainly true.

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