The Vale Of Mists
In the north of the Roughlands the barrens and dusty plateaus rise into saw-tooth mountain ranges of greasy green basalt, capped with slushy snow. Here valleys of verdant growth and flooded grottoes are hidden amongst the stones, but here the fabled mists of Mierellia shroud the land. Heavy greenish mist, moving sluggishly even in the highest wind, churns and boils, ever in motion, never moving, all along the mountains and into the sea the mist turns back any who try to approach it, or else welcomes them, just to disgorge them somewhere impossibly far down its vaporous boarders. Ships perch impossibly upon mountaintops, men find themselves in the middle of the ocean, and some simply never emerge. Such is the way of the Vale of Mists.

Very little is known about the lands beyond the mists. Once known as Mierellia, before the mists rose it was the last bastion of the Siele on Ahlonia after their defeat during the Siele Wars, but since the mists rose the land beyond has been unknown. It is unknown whether the mists are the work of the Siele, or or some other force, natural or unnatural, and what lies beyond their obscuring edges today is equally mysterious. Here are but a few of the legends that surround the mist-veiled lands:

The Land of the Mierellians

Before the coming of the Siele a group of men, devoted to art and beauty had segregated themselves from the brutality and ugliness of the Siele Wars, in a northern vale of surpassing beauty and peacefulness. These men and women called themselves the Miellie after the dying Siele nation, and they called their new home the Vale of Mierellia. Here they pursued their ascetic pursuits and shunned the outside world. Eventually they raised the mists to keep their bloodline pure. Today a race of men of impossible beauty, golden haired and ivory skinned, dwell in their enchanted glades, away from the corruption of the other men of the Isle.

The Last Refuge of the Siele

It is known that the Siele of the Forest, as they fled the might of the combined armies of man and goblyn, came upon this northern veil, a haven of green and blue hidden in the unforgiving mountains in the north of the uncharted barrens. Here they made their home. Histories say that here they died out, or else boarded their elegant ships and sailed into the open sea, but some say that the siele remain to this day.

Troggort, City of Mists

In the north, over the Straits of Hanna, in the ancestral homeland of the Ral, there is a legend of a city shrouded in mist that moves about from place to place, its gates appearing in swamps and marshes hidden behind greasy fog. This is Troggort, city of the Trols, and from it the trols come forth to ravage the land. The legends of the north claim that none know where Troggort truly is, and that it is an ever moving city, borne on the wind from place to place, forever hidden from retribution. However some scholars believe that the permanent, unshifting mists in the north of Highdunn conceal the real location of Troggort, and that the cities that appear in Ralstaa are merely gateways to where the city truly lies.

The Oddewurlde

Some learned scholars, most notable amongst them being Boer Shenien, the first sorcerer, believe that the mists of Mierellia are not of this world, but that they mark the barrier between this world and a place called the Oddewurlde, where things are not as they are here, and the dead roam the land thinking themselves living, and dreams and nightmares walk hand in hand. It is easy to scoff at the idea of such a fanciful place, but some reports of men driven mad by fear are surely too chillingly similar to be mere coincidence.

The Mists

The mists are all that men or goblyns know of the Vale of Mists today. They are heavy, cloying, humid and green-tinged. However it is the mystical properties of the mists that make them fearsome. Henry Baldardun, last of the first line of Kings of Highdunn was lost forever in the mists along with his finest Kings Own. Since then hundreds have wandered, either haplessly or with intent, into the mists only to reappear hours later days travel from where they had once been, or else to never emerge again. Some individuals, such as Marak of Nashby, wandered out of the mists over a century after his disappearance, not a day older, and believing he had wandered the mists for a mere hour.

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