Theandar Marr

The most revered and blessed Sarathi Theandar Marr is a robust and intractable churchman. Throughout Highdunn few men do not know the name of Theandar Marr, and fewer still would openly cross the High Prelate. He is a man who inspires respect and fear in equal measure. The prelate himself cares little about how he is thought of by other men, he is single mindedly and unashamedly focused upon the duties of his post.


Marr's very appearance is harsh and austere, with hawk-like features, dark, piercing eyes and heavy, arched eyebrows with an amazingly expressive brow beneath his shaved pate. The High Prelate’s head is long and narrow, and he accentuates this by wearing a pointed goatee. Marr is meticulous about his appearance, but always remains humble and Spartan in the way he presents himself. His only affectation is the pair of metal hoops he wears through pierced ears. No one knows what this extreme oddity represents for the High Prelate, but it is certainly unprecedented amongst landsmen, and is generally the first thing one remembers about him.


Theandar Marr is a strikingly intelligent and utilitarian man, pragmatic and pious in all things, he has a habit of talking down to those he considers to be less intelligent than himself, but always remembers his place in the universe, he has a very regimented sense of his faith and of his place in the world: first the Dioune, then the Grand High Prelate, then his King and then himself, as a result many noblemen find Marr boarders on offensive, however none would dare question the wisdom and piety of the High Prelate, and indeed Marr was Dane Reise's closest and most trusted adviser.


Formerly the Prelate of the Order of the Fist of Koroth, the High Prelate specializes in the teachings of the warrior-divhi, and has served extensively as a member of that order’s elite warrior-chaplains, even in his middle years few doubt that Marr is in excellent physical condition, and he still drills select initiates in the secret martial rites of the Order of the Fist of Koroth of which he is a consummate master. The High Prelate was born into a church family in Riala, his father was the Prelate of the city, however Theandar was more interested in the life of a warrior, and at a very young age enlisted in the armies of Roen, as an officer thanks to his father's rank. Elevated quickly to the post of a cavalier, Marr was a decorated and celebrated warrior already when, after his father's death, he was inspired to return to the church. After turning down a commission to the Koric Guard he was accepted as a member of the Order of the Fists of Koroth, and returned to the cavaliers as a chaplain. Again decorated and admired he became Prelate of the order, and then stepped to the position of High Prelate of all Highdunn. During his tenure he quickly became the most trusted adviser of King Dane Reise, and was easily the most powerful man in the nation, after the King himself of course. Since the Maethian Coup Marr's power has not been what it was, but he remains a major influence in Highdunn.


Marr inspires extreme reactions, and his political standing in particular has suffered without the presence of Dane. Eldin has a great deal of respect for another of his old tutors, but on a personal level he can't stand Marr, and avoids him at every opportunity. As a result Marr has gone from having the ear of the King almost exclusively to having no access to the royal court. To make matters worse he has never been a friend to any of the Earls of the Tresser Veldt, and even when he served under Alvin Roen he was respected, but certainly not well liked. Even in Southaven the Order of the Garden make no official statements, but relations that are warm with other High Prelates save perhaps for the controversial Solon are cool and perfunctory with Marr. He has, on a number of occasions, infuriated the local Order of the Warriors of the Church and really only the Order of the Fists of Koroth and their new Prelate Darak Trone are firm allies. Still, Marr hardheadedly pushes forward, demanding respect and proper obedience and caring for little else. Many can't help but look up to that.


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Character Traits

The Warrior Priest (3)

Marr's wisdom and faith are tempered in strength and battle - he is strong of mind and body because he treats matters of faith as he would matters of war, and philosophical defeat as tantamount to dishonourable death. He battles to save the hearts and minds of the faithful as he would battle to save their bodies, and is more often than not confrontational about his duty - backing down detractors armed with his absolute conviction.

Ambitious (2)

Marr is a man driven to serve the church, and he makes no secret that he believes what serves the church is his leadership and experience, and more than a few agree. Theandar Marr wants to see a powerful church, bolstered and fortified against the predations of the Black Sarith and the Cult of Gruna, and he is positioning himself carefully to be the man to lead it there.