Tohl Graihaen

The ancient Dunsain city of Tohl Graihain, the City of Stones, is a crumbling shell of what the great port may once have been. Besieged by Dunsain clans for the better part of the last four decades, the only safe approaches to the city are by sea, and while this has proven little real economic loss the constant threat of attack and death from just outside the walls has left the city shaken and dour. Despite its allegiance to the High Kingdom of Ralstaa, a land it is separated from by two of the old provinces of Ralstaa, no help has come, and the City of Stones expects none.

Region: Garynshae, Ralstaa
Total Population:
Tech. Level:
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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Locations of Interest

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Vortigan Bloodreaver Uth-Kaltan
The King of the fief of Garyn, ruler of Garynshae, at least nominally, is the evocatively named Vortigan Bloodreaver of House Kaltan. Terrifyingly unafraid of bloodshed, the King personally champions the battle to hold the beleaguered walls of the city, and is famous for cutting gory swathes through besiegers on these meagre stone defences.

Adrin Uth-Duin
His hard-minded bloodthirst leaves much of the administration of the city (what remains of the fief) to the High Provost Adrin Uth-Duin, a capable but grim man.