Tohl Rumour Mill

This is a quick table designed to generate a rumour from a limited and specific list of possible rumours heard in the City of Tohl in Ralstaa. These rumours may or may not be true, and may be repeated in various differing forms. The table should be used only by Directors, and used sparingly, and wherever possible these random rumours should be replaced with pre-planned, campaign specific information. Especially if players begin to become familiar with the material.

Bandits have blocked Tailors Lane in Dohlswatch, and are demanding a toll from anyone passing by.
Majaarl, Master Thief, knows who commands the Citizen's Militia.
An alarming number of beggars have been murdered in Old Man's Crook.
A corpse has been pulled from the Silver River with a palm print burned onto it's brow.
A beggar named Utar in Eldenborough knows of a secret exit from the City.
Birdmen are massing in Cloudgraze.
The Cabal of Blood have a resident agent in The City.
A wine merchant in Gateside has found a strange potion in his latest shipment and plans to sell it.
An Ikar has snatched a baby in Brooke Moore.
The Grand Marshal or the Loric is secretly a monster.
A mungie has stolen a famous jewel from a private museum on Broadstreet.
The mouth of the Silver River is blocked by a sunken barge.
The Lord Mayor is out of town.
Someone is poisoning incoming wine shipments.
The captain of the watch in Ghiedlen is very ill.
There is a great magical treasure somewhere in the hidden vaults of Caer Ghiere.
A covered wagon full of silver dollars has overturned in Broadstreet.
Rainie, the beloved "voice of the Tohlers" will be executed today.
One of the river Things has grown legs!
A new tax on baring arms begins today.
A dozen guardsmen have been executed for skimming tax money.
Two famous knights are about to duel in Gallows Square.
The Gateside watch house is on fire.
Last night a man won over a hundred silver dollars in a back alley card game.
Arian the butcher has horded over a hundred gold coins and hidden them all over his shop.
Drinking ten cups of Dunsain whiskey will give you the strength of an Orgryn.
A swarm of sprites of heading south down the highway.
Drinking ten cups of Dunsain whiskey will kill you.
The High King is an impostor!
The bandit council has filled out its ranks, and now meets in a different slum once each a month.
Clansmen raiders are moving south down the Silver River towards The City.
A fire in Brooke Moore has driven the people away from their homes, and now there is mass looting.
There is a riot going on in the Old Ward.
Evrian the Mystical, magician of Cloudgraze, can turn lead into gold.
Two groups opposing of House Gangers are coming this way!
Howl the Southerner is amassing a private army in Dorrensholm.
A murderer is stalking streetwalkers in Ravvh.
Nearly an entire city block is collapsing in Tarrowmoore!