Tomb Robber Profession

In many societies in Allornus, it is customary for the most celebrated and respected of men and myr to be interred with valuables, offerings, and mementos. Some tombs are even sites of worship to this day, and see visitors leave offerings and sacrifices at their shrines in hope of the favour of the spirits. Tomb Robbers see this tradition, not as respect for the dead, but as opportunity. They are experts at finding tombs, plundering their riches, avoiding their perils (be they the age of the site, or those traps that protect against those of their profession) and finding that which the owners sought to keep hidden. Between the rage of the locals, the inherent dangers of ancient tombs, and the ever-present danger of wakening some curse from those long passed, few survive more than one or two such ventures. But that is often enough to ensure a comfortable living.

Regions: Shattered Empire, Ancient Duchies, Imperatry Plains, Southlands, Fringe Nations.
Tech. Code: 4, it took some time for societies to develop lavish interment worthy of robbing.
Rarity: 7, even the most profane of races baulk at the idea of robbing the dead, and only the truly greedy or desperate would commit such blasphemy.
Social Class: 0, if their profession is known, then tomb robbers are the absolute dregs of society. Few are more derided.
Fame: 1, a tomb robber will rightly want to keep as low a profile as possible.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Awareness 2 3 4
Bargaining 2 3 4
Engineering 3 3 4
Healing - 1 2
Region History 3 4 5
Region Lore 3 4 5
Divhi Religion 2 3 4
Resolve 1 1 2
Stealth 2 3 4
Wealth 2 3 4
Value 39 64 102

Usual Trappings

  • Pick, spade and pry-bar.
  • Coach or spotlight lantern and oil.
  • A length of sturdy rope.
  • Labourer's attire.
  • Sometimes a boiled leather or plate skullcap.
  • Several sacks.
  • Often a roll of maps and sketches.
  • Sometimes a long pole to test structures.
  • Sometimes a small cart and mule.