Torch Lords Of Maldaakore

The five Torch Lords of Maldaakore are the true rulers of that fell land. While the Toldaks dominate the people and demand tribute and sacrifice it is only these five who may bear light into the ruined city of Kal Maldrak to meet at it's heart and awaken the avatar of Daak, the dessicated husk of Kalis Fuge - an act they perform every eighteen years without fail. Anyone else carrying light in the perpetual blackness of the city, including the Toldaks (to their eternal chagrin) is turned to ash instantly. While the torch lords may not govern the people or command the reverence or terror that the Toldaks do they hear the commands of the great brother-killer and carry his will out to the world. While none doubt that they have been granted unnatural longevity, there have been numerous torch-lords. Only Murciana and Casador seem to have endured as long as history remembers, and few have seen more of the fabled King of the Draks than his fanged helm, leading many to suggest that countless may have worn that raiment.

The Torch-Lords each command their own following, in some cases tens of thousands strong and in others a mere warband, but most Draks don't see them as their rulers, despite the world to the east being convinced that Casador alone rules all Draks. However should the Toldaks ever fail them the Draks all know that it is to the Torch Lords, the chosen of their malignant patron, to whom they must turn, and when Maldaakore must unite all Draks know that the Torch Lords will slay the Toldak Congrey and take control, do what they must and then return dominion to the bosom of father church.

torch lord title home aliases
Casador Father of Wails Baragau-Gul | Muetelo King of the Draks, The Sun King, Beast of Baragau-Gul
Demanda Mother of Regrets Daak's Crèche | The Desolation Mother of Doom, Keeper of Daak's Crèche
Majri Father of Sighs Red Wood | Malaluze The Countless King, Cannbal Dev, Fleshender
Murciana Father of Tears Tarn of Hilkate | Negara Spirit Binder, The Great Divide, Second Death-Man
Zurizigar Father of Sorrow none The War-Dog