Traederic Rotheron

Traederic Rotheron is the eldest son of Davin Rotheron. With four elder sisters Davin was lucky to produce an heir in a timely fashion. Known for being proud, to the point of vanity, the future-Earl of Rotheron is not exactly cut from the same fabric as the other Earls of the Tresser Veldt, and has more in common with the Barons of the eastern burroughs than he does with the frontier warriors. Still, he is a Rotheron, and vigilance is in his blood. He may yet grow to a proud addition to his lineage.


Traederic is a tall, statuesque young man with powerful, square features. In the face of fashion he wears no facial hair and keeps his hair regularly cropped close. His appearance speaks of nobility and dignity, but also of extreme vanity, and indeed Traederic has proven fond of flattery and extremely fond of images of himself. Though if these are not to his liking, or not sufficiently adoring his rage can be terrible. In person the young Rotheron heir has heavily lidded, bovine eyes. But those parts of his visage of which he is not fond are stricken from all the artwork that attempts to render him.


Earl Davin views Traederic's vanity and pride as a passing phase native to any young man, and overlooks it, as he also overlooks his son’s very public liaisons with numerous women of low breeding. His staff are generally restricted to footmen to keep the incidence of bastards in the Rotheron line to a minimum. However despite his narcissism, Traederic exhibits all of the other traits that have so credited his ancestors. He’s a fine warrior, a domineering field commander and has a proud, dignified self-possession. While his attitude is often cavalier he is also a talented statesman who is able to bring to bear, if not charm, then sheer overbearing superiority. Barely in the first year of his third decade the hopes of Rotheron are pinned squarely on Traederic’s speedy and successful maturation.


Traederic is young, and with youth comes inexperience and bravado. He learned the craft of a warrior and a statesman under his father's iron-fisted tutelage from his first day in the world, and thrived in both. While his training sheltered him, never putting him in real danger, or real affairs of state, it polished him. Davin knows well the tests an Earl faces, and he tested his son ruthlessly, and Traederic rose to the challenge. Perhaps Davin's surprise and pride at this were excessive, because as Traederic rose to every challenge, so his pride and boasting grew. At present Traederic has a commission commanding a large party of skirmishers along the northern boarders against the boarders of the Black Eye, in dense marshland. The hardship he faces every day is steadily wearing him down. Perhaps this will temper his aloof nature and baptise a new Traederic Rotheron.


Aside from being the son of Davin Rotheron, Traederic has four elder sisters; Carice, Brienne, Dorea and Jeyne. His mother Maegelle, many years Davin's junior, will likely serve as her son's councillor and head of his household until he marries when Davin is gone. He has a number of cousins, of the Rotheron blood, as well as his mother's Heatherspoor line. Traederic's fellow Earls don't know what to make of him yet, and only his sergeant at arms [[cley huss |Cley]]] could really be said to know the young heir well.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Mature (21) Skill Points: spent/192
Profession Heir to Rotheron (1) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (3)
Class Earl's Heir (6/6)
Talents Inventory
Fast +0 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful +2
Hale +0
Strong +2
Tough +0 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +0 tool cap test
Insightful -3
Knowledgeable +0 attire environment
Perceptive -1
Wilful +0
Brave +1
Persuasive +3
Forceful +2
Lucky +0

Character Traits

Noble Pride (3)

Some might accuse Traederic or arrogance, or vanity - others feel that it is a mere portent of his predestined greatness. Whichever is true, his pride make Traederic polarizing, and many hope it is a mere youthful folly. Where it alienates some, and breeds overconfidence in Traederic himself, it also tells those in doubt that they are in the presence of a true nobleman.