Trelldale is only a small boarder town, but it does sit at the crossroads of three major highways, and other than Lake Dale it is the major accessway to Terr and Sigard from the north. Transferred to the new Earldom of Havisham in 1,408 HC from the boundaries of Forthest, Trelldale and the overland route to the wealthier south that it sits astride have the potential to grow in leaps and bounds if managed right, but the Earl of Havisham seems not to care so much for expansion of his realm. As a result Lake Dale remains the major route to the south, and Trelldale is little more than a back road to the Earldom of Terr, where the slave trade, illegal in Havisham and parts north, is the only real export. Because of this Trelldale has been dubbed the ‘gate to the futile south’. Still, inland Havisham, especially along the banks of Lake Dale, is especially fertile and good crops come to Trelldale to be sent north then east to markets in Galastry and Daultin.

Region: Ahlonia, The Earldoms, Earldom of Havisham
Total Population: 2,560 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions: Church of the Dioune

Trelldale is a smallish town, founded early in Forthest’s history, even before Einseat, possibly in 428 HC by the cousin of Barat Tressilian, Marr Tressilian. Originally Tresserdale, the name was changed quickly to Trelldale after the Earls of the Veldt proclaimed their independence as its loyalist founder tried to distance himself from his treasonous cousin. It has served as a major outpost for expansion into the south during the Siele wars while Reddown was taking shape, and was the staging point of many raids against Sigard before the nation’s fall. Trellenhold, the fortress at the southern edge of town is now little more than a very large garrison, but was of dramatic strategic importance centuries ago. Now its defenses are in relative disrepair and Trelldale has dropped from prominence and become somewhat of a backwater, but it still retains the mouldering grandeur of what was once the rival of any of Sherevon or Halvesty.

Trelldale is based atop two gentle hills that flank the crossroads that pass through it. They are known respectively as Marr’s Hill in the east and Sunset Hill in the west. Each has its own central square around which the buildings in town are arrayed. The older buildings are stone, but the newer, further away from the central squares and down the slopes of the hills are timber structures. Where the two hills meet and the highway passes through a large open cobbled plaza with space for three or four entire caravans, and a couple of comfortable ale houses sit under the watchful eye of the higher homes. At the point where the southern road leaves the shelter of the hills Trellenhold guards an unbarred gateway that juts out from its battlements.

Four leagues outside Trelldale, to the west towards the coast on the stead of the Braker family a serf digging a well struck silver almost thirty years ago. Now Derek Braker has taken the helm of the only working silver mine in Reddown, and by consulting with veterans from Shornfar he has managed to turn a well-shaft into a working, if inefficient, silver mine that sources most of the silver for the mints in Leirkist. As a result Braker has become far wealthier than many of the Earls. Derek is a reasonable man however, and has remained content not to cause any trouble for Earl Morgan so long as he is allowed to produce his silver relatively unmolested, and so long as he only pays the same tithes as all of the other steads do on their outgoing goods. Derek has even gone so far as to start up two merchant caravans in his own employ to run silver to Daultin for sale to merchants bound south.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Bartholemew Donnish
There are only two major influences in town. The steader who owns the town is Bartholemew Donnish. He can trace his lineage very loosely back to the Tressilian line, but generally prefers not to do so.

Nathan Doren
The other major influence outside the Donnish family is Earl Morgan’s second in command Nathan Doren, his second cousin and a blunt and capable soldier with field experience in the service of the Earl of Marratharn. Bartholemew and Nathan have developed a grudging sort of friendship, and much of the Garrison’s upkeep is generated from Nathan’s renting out of his soldiers for manual labour in the Donnish estate.