The mythical mist-city of Troggort, seat of Troli power in western Ralstaa is said to be somewhere in the wildest, deepest parts of the Starwood, or rather in various places. First person reports of individuals who have stumbled upon the city and fled with their lives, but returned to find only wooded marshland are too common to discard Troggort as merely a myth, but in the same manner it is hard to catalogue exactly what it is. Troggort is a mystical place, forever shrouded in thick concealing mist, that even gale force winds will sweep away only for mere instants.

Region: unknown
Total Population: 8,000 approx.
Tech. Level:
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The city is always set in a marsh, no matter where it is encountered. Delicate, willowy towers made entirely of smoky grey crystal and steel-hard glass rise up out of the ground, surmounted by broad balconies. Raised roads of glass give the appearance of walking on water. But the city is choked with moss, and roots have grown out of the marshes and formed archways over the roads, or wrapped around towers in wierd, twisted shapes. Everywhere the mist hangs, still and cloying. The Trols use seeing-glasses to watch all that goes on in their city, and thus there are no centuries, but the roads are covered with traps designed to restrain intruders.

Many Ralstaan scholars, amongst the few who do not discount Troggort as mere myth, suggest that Troggort does not move as it may seem to but that it exists in the land of mists and shadows, and that it does not magically move, but rather the gateways into it's world can be encountered in many places. If this is so then they must have some potent magery protecting them from the spiteful spirits who are trapped in that world. Others argue that it is a sort of gateway that linked the various groups of Trols all over the world to their ancestral home in the Starwood. Still others claim that Trol magery built the city, and allows it to move from place to place under cover of mist - and the magery that the Trol leaders are said to work does seem to support this more simplistic opinion.

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