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The people of Turana are well known for suffering some of the most unpleasant lives in all of Haedrasia, between foul weather, harsh lands, salt-tainted soils, and constant warfare. But they have turned this, not into a cause for pity, but one of pride. The Turanans have taken their faith, and its tests of forbearance, into a lifestyle. A Turanan lives a brutal ascetic existence, eschewing every luxury, every comfort. The people pride themselves on being sustained exclusively on thoughts of the Divh-Imperator they serve. Throughout Haedrasia 'Turanan' has become a term to mean austerity, frugality, and seriousness.

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The Imperatry Plains of Mighty Haedrasia
The Frozen North Cosarian Islands, Perca, Lekia, Illyum
The Ghan States Khalavic-Ghania, Trazdek-Ghania, Dragolchok-Ghania, Royal Haedrasia
The Central Flats Haedarium, Icarium, Lukaria, Haedrasia and the Unchallenged City, Roetia
The Drak Frontier Black Ice Bay, Maldrakaneum, The Salt Flats, Turana
The Kelorn Districts Gamon, Marisarn, Cal-Tolun, Trodur, The Three Cities
The Southern Soldatry Pannonium, Sacraminium, The Bair
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