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Governments: Uerenuell is a royal protectorate of the High King of Ralstaa. Few aspire to found a Tor there.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
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Physical Geography

Uerenuell is cloaked in the sparse fringes of the Starwood,

Caer Yvengheiste

The reason for Uerenuell's sparse population, and its dire reputation is undoubtedly the ruinous labyrinth of Caer Yvengheiste - the most cursed and feared place in all the High Kingdom. Built aeons ago when Rallah was still amongst the tribes of the Ral, it was meant to be a place where the gifted would be confined by the superstitious Dunsain, rather than cast out where they might grow strong and vengeful - from the moment of their birth if the gift could be detected. But the raw magic unleashed again and again in the place corrupted and twisted it, and the magic worked by Rallah to seal the place began to unravel with her departure from the world, until it leaked out into the countryside around the impossibly massive castle, touching reality here and there, and curling the laws of nature up at the edges.

Political Geography

The royal protectorate of Uerenvell is easily the sparsest of the remaining Llewaithe kingdoms

Faith and Worship

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The Serlot Tuarvae

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Today in Uerenuell…

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The Knives of Rallah, High Kingdom of Ralstaa
The Shaeish Kingdoms Caldare, Donnaigh, Rhuovaith, Kileirey, Balleymoore, Cannavin, Wynd, Breconn, Coulbaigh
The Lleweith Kingdoms Avalaigh, Haeliard, Lammornia, Branddale, Talladale, Bradenthyr, Tohl
The Starwood Cwmbran, Kentallen Wood, Uerenuell
Tuarvael Castrette, Serlot, Friesse
The Dunsain Kingdoms Byrnham, Blackstone, Craigbyrn, Duncarrick, Strath Gorge, Garynshae, The Clanlands, Aulorn's Gate
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