The land of Ulvrith is a surprising one, perhaps unique in all of the world. Ruled by a parliament near sixty strong, each distinct region elects a representative to advocate for them, (anyone is eligible to stand but the regions differ in who they allow to vote) and this council is responsible for all aspects of rule over the realm. Ulvrith thinks of itself as a bastion of free men and its passionate folk love their nation and are proud of their citizenship, seeking to spread their philosophy of equality and a voice for all to the world.

Tech Code: 6
Governments: Representative holy democracy under the Ulvri Parliament.
Religions: Eastern Orthodox Temple of Irik, Liberated Conclave of Enulai.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages: Irian.
Major Settlements: Hlalul Dan.


Physical Geography

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Political Geography

Ulvrith is a truly remarkable land, likely unique in all of Allornus, for in the latter days of the Empire, as it was engaged in slow, decaying collapse, and other lands were in decline, Ulvrith underwent a staggering transformation.

Uprising of the middle class during times of hardship, overthrew (and hanged) the local Nasir and set up rule by romanesque council, all free men (even born foreigners) can stand for the council, most of whom are merchants seeking power, libertine aristocrats and professional advocates. Many seek to export their philosophy to foreign lands, others seek to exploit good-natured political power for their own ends.

two small souther island protectorates represent the old nasir houses of the region, they are beholden territories, but cannot take office, and often scheme.

Social Geography

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Faith and Worship

Ulvrith is the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Temple of Irik.

Setting Trait (value): name trait



488 D Uu-Ralul is hanged in a militant coup in Ulvrith.
489 D The first parliamentary elections are held in Ulvrith.

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Life in Ulvrith

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Political System

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Legal System and Enforcement

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Architecture and Construction

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Daily Living

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Major Industry

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Major Export and Import

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Today In The Land of Free Men…

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The Shattered Shards of the Irian Empire
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