Unholy Wastes
A terror, a wonder, a profanity, a haven, the Unholy Wastes are many things to many people, easily as diverse as the lands they comprise. To the east, they are the nemesis. A dark and blighted desert, blasted by the taint of a dark Divhi, teeming with sadists and monsters waiting to pour through the passes of grim mountains and visit an orgy of cruelty that could bring about a new sundering. To the south, they are a land of monochromatic plains from whence chequered caravans driven by equally grey men of few words come with strange and exotic goods. To the west they are a desolation that promises a vast world of horrors. And from within the Unholy Wastes are all of these things and none. A land of artists and poets and once-gentle folk so mistreated by destiny that they closed themselves off. So ready to expect cruelty that they welcome it casually like an old friend, and always in kind.

Physical Geography

The Still Peaks form a border to the salt flats in the east, and behind these are the ever-expanding lands of the Alahorn Desert. The blasted lands of the desolation, and the ash-stained Black Coast are the north and centre of Maldaakore. The Nightmare Lands and the Crooked Plains for the south, and the tattered moors and forests of the west form the edges of the lands justly dubbed the Unholy Wastes. Maldaakore has some of the hardest, most inhospitable terrain of all of Allornus. The land itself seems malign, brooding, and misshapen under the sway of the darkness that rules its denizens hearts.

par 2: the still peaks and eastern desert

par 3: the southern (crooked) plains

par 4: the desolate wastes

par 5: the ashen coast

par 6: the rugged west (forests and hill country)

Setting Trait (3): Land of Hidden Terror To the folk of the east the Still Peaks are the world's edge. Beyond, in the horrific wastes, where evil itself dwells, there is only hidden and terrible horror and death and damnation. They cannot conceive of a civilization, or people living lives - albeit ones of great hardship - and imagine only bleak and indomitable armies of twisted and awful slayers of men, and the unquiet dead, woken rudely from their eternal rest, and howling for living flesh.

Spirit of the Land


The Nightmare Scourge

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Political Geography

par 1: overview

par 2: the draks and the torch lords

par 3: the toldaks and daak

Setting Trait (2): Daak's Church Divided The Torch Lords are the direct servants of Daak himself, hearing his words in the unhallowed halls of Kal Maldrak, where no Toldak may tread, and they command considerable factions of their own, but they hold no official secular or religious post to Maldaakore as a whole. Conversely the Toldaks are the priesthood of Daak, privy to his divine secrets, his hands in the world and the rulers of Maldaakore. But they wield neither the influence of eminence of the united Torch Lords. And neither group has ever entirely cooperated. Perhaps it is part of the malign divhi's dark design that his faith should be at odds - or perhaps it merely perversely amuses him to tamper with them, and pit them against one another.

The Divine Corruption

the priesthood of Da'ak

Social Geography

par 1: overview

par 2: social structure and slavery

par 3: isolated enclaves

par 4: faith of daak

Ride the Wind

The Draks have mastered the harnessing of wind to make their lives easier. Every tall building in major settlements has a towering windmill at its peak, and even the smallest township or enclaive is over-arched by canvas blades whirling lazily in the wind. The Draks use the mechanisms that these mills turn for any means they can imagine - grinding grain, mixing beer, cutting timbers, working bellows, and even pumping water through their aqueducts!

Major Races and Cultures

Draks, Malorns, Orgryn used with warriors, Some caliban living free in the wastes


All dates are given in the Drak calendar, counted from 0 YM, or Years After Malar, and marks the year when Malar departed, and the Malorns turned to Daak. Prior to this dates are given in UM, or Under Malar.

0 YM Malar is lost to his people.

2095 YM Present Day.

The Unholy Wastes of Fell Maldaakore
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