In the southern lands, beyond the Sirolas Mountains, around the region known as the Shattered Empire, there are a race of myr called the Urgrol. Fast natural hunters, pack creatures, the Urgrol live as roving warbands, raiding and seizing what they want, and hunting other races to prove their dominance, or conquer a hunting range, or at the behest of their sinister and solitary mundu. They are simple creatures, or rather their society and technology are not advanced. Sometimes hired by landsmen as mercenaries, or as scouting or raiding parties, this is often as much a measure to stem their predations as to actually make use of them.


Urgrol (Self, Iria and Ralstaa), Braymen (Haedrasia and the Southlands)


Tribal, Primitive, Warlike, Prolific, Destructive, Impatient.



Once plains herders, the Urgrol are of a goat-like caste, with strong frames adorned with ugly, knotted muscle. With shaggy, back-jointed legs, cloven hooves and short tails. Their torsos and hands more closely resemble those of a man, and the hair is coarser and shaggier, like the wool of a goat. The face is uncannily that of a man though the eyes are square-pupilled and goatish, as are the ears. Urgrol's heads are surmounted by either short pointed horns, or occasionally great curling ram-horns amongst their leaders. Their chins sport a tuft like a beard, and their voices are usually high and bleating. The one inexplicable aspect of the Urgrol is their howl, urgrol can raise a howl to match a wolf, and they love to howl to the moons. Aside from small breasts and the general lack of a beard females are difficult to distinguish from the males for a casual onlooker. Urgrol place little import on sex, and so outside of the spring when they couple there is little distinction made between the sexes.


The Urgrol think their horns make them appear very fearsome indeed (and in truth they do) and so they will do much to enhance their own rack, to demonstrate their might and intimidate others. While their clothing is often crude, cobbled together from attire taken from the dead, or stolen in raids, they wear elaborate headdresses, of feathers and animal horns, and scrimshawed bone (the urgrol are masters of scrimshaw) or other decorations, to make their rack appear enormous and draw the eye to it. When an Urgrol seizes leadership from another, frequently he will break the loser's horns, and wear them in his own headdress - a symbol that it is he who rules now. Meanwhile many who lose both horns, to injury in battle or the hunt, are frequently so ostracised that they are driven from the band, becoming solitary, or sometimes apprenticing to mundu, or even wandering to civilized lands.


The tangled fur of the Urgrol is matted and filthy with filth, old blood, fleas, ticks, dust and the like, irritating their skin, and resulting in many having broad rashes or weeping sores. The stench of the Urgrol is enough to make a man weak at the knees, and makes it nigh impossible for them to hide themselves in close quarters, and yet they seem masters of steal in the deep dark forests so long as they don't try to hide over-long in the undergrowth. Known for their tempers, they seldom have the patience to wait in ambush long, but they are masters of sudden raids, surpassed in the stealth and speed of their warbands only by the an-heir.



The Urgrol are a brutally ill tempered, highly strung people, quick to take offence and gleeful in exercising their own strength. Not overly intelligent, they are possessed of a dreadful cunning, and a bloody single-mindedness that makes them extremely dangerous. Like the goat whose form their forebears long ago borrowed, they are given to charge at every opportunity, even when it is not necessarily wise, and tend to turn to aggression as if it were beyond their willpower to do otherwise. However urgrol understand fear, and have no illusions about the nobility of courage. None will enter a battle they cannot win, and they will gladly serve a more powerful master - until an opportunity they cannot resist presents itself to overcome him. Urgrol value their own lives, and while some might see this as craven, they see it as the only way to live. Attack until you are forced to retreat, and embrace each with equal vigour. Even 'civilized' Urgrol are easily provoked creatures, equally quick to forget offence once their hot tempers cool.


The Urgrol live in nomadic warbands, led by whichever warrior is the most intimidating and strong at a given time. Once the Urgrol were herders - never highly civilized amongst the myr, unlike the Barchäk or Kenu, but civilized enough. Their changeling forebears took their forms from the goats they herded for wool and milk in the lands of southern Haedrasia, and quarrelled endlessly amongst themselves. But with the coming of men they were displaced, driven to a nomadic existence in the woods far to the south. Skilled hunters, Urgrol bands now pursue large game for hide, meat and the like, but they move readily from place to place, taking what they want and making war against those who would deny them. But while the bands move about with the season and the game, the solitary mundu stay close to a sacred places where the Urgrol stop to worship, and leave trophies to earn the favour of the spirits of that place. Be they menhirs, trees, or whatever, these places are hidden throughout the wilds where the Urgrol roam. Bands seek to alone receive the blessing of all of the mundu in his range, so often they will mark their territory with symbols and trophies, and fight bitterly to keep control the mundu. Some even carve their mark on the mundu himself, though to do so courts the deadly curses they are said to control.


Urgrol have no civilization of their own any more. The wander in bands of no more than forty or so strong, making devastating raids, hunting game, and moving from mundu to mundu in search of blessing. Their clothing and weapons are either stolen from foes, or else crude and primitive, and they build no structures, the only marks they leave are trampled undergrowth, carcasses, firepits, and their eerily marked holy sites. Even those Urgrol who choose to live amongst civilized people (a great rarity) tend to live simple existences, with little in the way of property that they cannot carry on their backs, and even less education they cannot turn to survival.







Tough +3 | Wilful +3 | Brave +2 | Persuasive -3 | Knowledgeable -3 | Graceful -2 | Clever -2
Unique Abilities
Blood Rage | Horn and Hoof
Infant 0-1 years -5 to all Talents except Lucky
Child 2-6 years -3 to all Talents except Lucky
Adolescent 7-12 years -1 to Tough, Clever and Knowledgeable
Adult 13-28 years none
Middle-aged 29-35 years -1 to Fast, Hale and Strong
Old 36-42 years -2 to all Physical Talents, -1 to Knowledgeable
Venerable 43+ years -3 to all Physical Talents, -2 to all Mental Talents
Basics Variables
Morphology Bipedal Height 5'4" + Size" + 1d3" - 1d3"
Diet Omnivorous Weight 170lbs + (Sizelbs x5) + (Brawnlbs x3) + 1d10lbs - 1d10lbs
Cycle Diurnal Gender standard
Prime Sense Vision

Blood Rage

Urgrol are given to fits of blind and bloody rage at provocation that would merely frustrate other Myr. Urgrol can generate one extra die of Advantage or Disadvantage when it relates to anger, two dice referencing the same source. Maintaining this rage is draining, and is considered light exertion for risk of Exhaustion Damage.

Horn and Hoof

There are only select situations that Urgrol might have cause to use their horns or hooves as weapons. Only a charging or trampling assault will really make them practical. But in demonstrable optimal situations, they can treat their horns or hooves as Tier 4 weapons inflicting Impact Damage.