Using This Material

Firstly, both the Darkrealm setting and the Tell & Roll system supplied free to anyone under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Anyone reproducing any of this material must credit 'John Stryker' (a pseudonym) and prominently link to either the darkrealm wikidot homepage or relevant source page of this wiki. For more information see here. This material may never be used for profit or on for-profit platforms except with the expressed written permission of the owner.

The material contained herein is intended for an adult audience, and no effort to cater to minors has been made in terms of dealing with violence or sexuality. In this respect, the Darkrealm accepts no responsibility for any individuals offended by the materials herein either on a personal, moral, religious or any other level. No discussion will be entered into on the part of the copyright holder on the nature and suitability of the content. Parental advisory is encouraged for any players under the age of 15. It has been voluntarily and internally been rated "T" for Teen audiences in the ESRB rating terminology - most of the material herein is, after all, prose.

A number of images exist within the wiki. Many of these are in the public domain, and are free for others to use in whatever manner they choose. Others belong specifically to the Darkrealm wiki, and may only be used under the creative commons license that governs the written material. Any inquiries about image usage should be directed to the wiki manager, whereupon clarification will be provided as to the intellectual property status of that image. I would like to particularly mention the resource at Karen's Whimsy for the extensive contributions this site has made to the images included here. And, of course, the leviathan that is Wikipedia.

Playing a T&R Game

The Darkrealm setting and Tell & Roll game system are free to use within he limitations of its creative commons license (see above). No pay material currently exists, or is ever likely to. Darkrealm recognizes no specific responsibility to its users, but will try to meet any expressed needs or wants with respect to material provided as and if expressed. Darkrealm is a pen and paper fantasy role playing game intended for ages 15 and up. No material expressed herein is in any way a reflection of any individual or institution living or dead, and is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblances are coincidental.

Players will require access to this wiki, a pen and paper, and multiple d6 and d10 in order to play this game. Additional dice are useful but not required. Despite occasional allusion to miniature play, this is by no means a requirement, merely an additional dimension for those who wish to pursue this route.

Wiki Contributions

Currently the Darkrealm wiki is a work in progress, and as such users are not invited to take part in the process of building the world. This will change at a later date. Any directors or players wanting their material (specifically characters) featured in the wiki should contact the wiki directly with the request, and if the material is deemed suitable it will be included. The Darkrealm reserves the right to select what material is included and adjust any such submitted material as it sees fit. Once submitted such material reverts to the ownership of the Darkrealm and its organizers, and they reserve the right to utilize it in any manner they see fit.

Gaming Communities

At present there are no gaming communities affiliated with the Darkrealm, using this system/setting or otherwise. Anyone interested in such a relationship should contact the Darkrealm via its facebook account here or directly via e-mail. No specific support is provided, but agreements for access to editing facilities or reciprocal links will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Darkrealm has no affiliation to any for-profit group.

Forum Conduct

Members and non-members participating in discussions are in no way restricted in their use of language or their topic of discussion, however a respectful level of conduct to others is always required. Furthermore particularly pedantic posters or those who stray from topic to the detriment of others' enjoyment of the discussion will be quickly deemed unwelcome.

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