Those who have not ventured a few days west of the Shoulders of the World. Those who have not seen the pods pass. Those who have not felt the world change beneath them. Those who do not appreciate how fortunate they are to walk on hard earth. They scoff at stories of the Uzapruir. Swimming through the sands of the Battlewaite like a whale might the northern sea, in pods sometimes dozens strong, it is hard to conceive of a place in the world vast enough for these monsters. And yet they find space aplenty in the ruinous badlands.



Uzapruir resemble nothing more than vast manta-rays, their bodies dominated by wing-like flukes, their heads broad and flat, and bony mandibles flanking their cavernous mouths. Their tails, articulated like those of a scorpion, end in a fearsome barb. Their skin in dry, horny and made up of ridged plates along the back in browns and oranges and yellows, while the flukes and belly are altogether softer and usually more golden in hue. All of this is striking because of the Uzapruir's one most overwhelming physical feature. It is gigantic. Growing to easily three hundred feet from mandibles to barb when full grown, some larger Uzapruir have reached closer to five hundred! Although these are mere conjecture, first because no one survives being close enough to a pod to measure its members, and second because despite their massive size no one has ever seen a dead Uzapruir. Either they vanish below the sands, or are consumed by their fellows, or some other fate befalls their remains. Whatever the case, even those very few who brave the badlands have never yet sighted any sign of the towering bodies they must surely leave bleaching in the sun.


How these titans pass through the desert sands like they are no harder than sea-foam, leaving little trail in their wake save that which sloughs from their broad backs, as as impossible and mysterious as the existence of the Uzapruir. But undoubtedly they do, and with all the grace of a hawk in flight.



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Strong +81 | Tough +36 | Brave +3 | Persuasive -20 | Knowledgeable -18 | Fast -16 | Graceful -10 | Clever -8 | Insightful -8 | Perceptive -6 | Wilful -4
Unique Abilities
? | ? | ?
Infant unknown unknown
Child unknown unknown
Adolescent unknown unknown
Adult unknown unknown
Middle-aged unknown unknown
Old unknown unknown
Venerable unknown unknown
Basics Variables
Morphology Ray Length 250' + Size' + 1d20" - 1d20" (end of tail)
Diet Unknown Weight 700lbs + (Sizelbs x5) + (Brawnlbs x3) + 1d10lbs - 1d10lbs
Cycle Diurnal Gender unknown
Prime Sense Vibration