The township of Vantinius sits almost directly on the border of the Haedrasian capitol and Roetia on the north-western approach to the mighty Unchallenged City. Despite its proximity to the eternal metropolis, Vantinius remains one of the smallest of the region's towns, and this is because the northern trade routes are the least rich of Haedrasia's economic arteries, and it is more common to see legions bound for the Drak Frontier than [Great House convoys passing through the streets of Vantinius.

Region: Haedrasia, Haedrasia.
Total Population: 1,085
Tech. Level:
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Close packed houses of mustard brick and creamy plaster dominate the inner parts of the tight, unwalled town. The western reaches of Haedrasia are hillier than the dye-straight flats to the east, but the rise and fall around Vantinius is shallow, and makes little difference to the anatomy of the settlement. Homes press shoulder to shoulder, often with a single shuttered window overlooking the paved street without.

Bamboo groves surround the town on both sides, while a pair of generous ranches dominate the increasingly arid northern plains.

The population of Vantinius is mixed, with a goodly number of Kelorn subject peoples working as menials in the bamboo groves or the stables, and keeping their own district in the eastern extent of town.

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