Native to the Ghanish lands, the Vargör were once amongst the most dispirit and warlike of the myr. Their wars with the Bärchak are legend, as were their clashes with the Ghans. Now, in their homeland the Vargör are slaves, household servants, pale shadows of the savage and feared race that they once were. And the ripples of this bondage have left them demure and cowed creatures. Domesticated by their Ghanish masters.


Vargör (Self and Ghania), Wulfen (Ralstaa), Varghul (Haedrasia), Vyrgr (Kardesia).


Noble Savages, Capable, Petty, Loyal, Tame.



Vargör are terrible beasts to look upon. A feral mix of man, wolf and goat, they are slightly smaller than a man, but only by a few inches, with broad, powerful but quick frames. Cloven hooves, backward jointed knees lead up to shaggy legs. The arms and torso are powerful and manlike, but also coated in coarse dark lupine hair, except for the chest and stomach which remain bare. Hands end in wolfish claws and when they sprint these act as forepaws, giving them power, agility and speed that merely their hooves would not grant them. The heads are unmistakably wolfish, with a long fanged muzzle, pointed ears and mane-like hackles, but the bulging side-set eyes have the square pupils and orange-yellow iris of a goat, and great horns sprout from their brows above the ears. At their chins small tufts of coarse hair like a beard, and a shaggy canine tail hangs behind them.

Vargör may look awkward, but they move with a fluid lupine grace, and no motion is wasted. They are at perfect balance on their cloven hooves, and even better when they lower themselves onto all fours, when they can achieve shocking speed. The claws and jaws are fast and sharp and deadly. Usually Vargör range from a light grey to a charcoal colour, with occasional dirty whites and jet blacks. As if to offset their drab, threatening exteriors they love to wear expensive fabrics and bright colours, loving Ghanish silk kimonos and scarves.


Vargör are intensely physical creatures, and their outward appearance speaks of their sturdiness, their extreme speed, their agility and their potential for destruction. Their burning enmity with the Bärchak is something that has grown from mere rivalry into inborn, instinctive hatred passed in the very blood. When the two meet, no matter how cowed and tame the Vargör this instinct fills them with a burning, bestial rage that can only be sated with the spilling of blood. Their hunter's eyes seem to give them the ability to see at night of their wolf cousins, but they lack the fine hearing of wolves despite large ears. Their ability to track by scent is nearly the equal however. Vargör have their own language, though their ability to speak the old language of beasts is long lost to them. Most will have a better grounding in Ghanish than their native tongue however.



There is little about the Vargör that cannot be gleaned from their outward visage, they are swift and savage and travel in packs, and naturally they are swift and merciless hunters and killers, however they are a race broken and enslaved, and this bestial instinct is gone in them. Those that had it were slain, and those that remain are meek and domesticated. The Vargör are a broken people, and will likely never reclaim the fearful, monstrous status they once held as masters of the northern plains. Like the Caliban they have been forever ruined by war and conquest, and their kind have been reshaped as mere servants, efficient, studious and subservient, no more fearsome hunters than a house cat.


Vargör are naturally pack animals, with alpha males vying and competing for dominance within the pack, they were hunters upon the northern snow fields and in the taiga, competing with, or perhaps hunting alongside the wolves that stalked those lands. However now Vargör defer to men, recognizing them as the masters. There are no more alpha males born to the Vargör. When they do live in exclusively Vargör settlements the creatures tend to keep to themselves, and cluster together more like a herd than a pack, spooking easily and seldom choosing to fight. Often their appearance is enough to keep those who do not know them away. Amongst the carroghans many Vargör are allowed to live, driven mad with torment and torture, and released against their enemies. Vicighans keep them as slaves, using them as guards for their households, servants, or even administrators. When ordered to fight they are merciless, locking their jaws on the throat and raking with the claws at lightening speed, showing the savage might that they must have once exercised by their own will.


Crushed by the Ghans in their native lands, the Vargör were once tribal hunters, fiercely territorial, and largely uncivilized before the coming of the landsmen. Living in large packs, following the wild herds of cattle, oxen, deer, goats and other grazers, carefully husbanding these herds as if they were their own, but letting them wander where they would, and never taking so many that the herd could not replenish. Now however they live the same lives as their Ghan overlords, cladding themselves in the robes of men, speaking their language, and administering their affairs. The slave Vargör have proven that their keen minds can be re-purposed to the mundane affairs of managing a household, and they are utterly placid, seeing their landsman overlords as merely the dominant members of the pack, and the Vargör are eager to please and comforted by their defined place in the social strata.







Fast +2 | Graceful +2 | Perceptive +2 | Forceful +1 | Wilful -3 | Brave -2 | Insightful -1
Unique Abilities
Bärchak Bloodfeud | Claw and Fang | Dark Vision |
Infant 0-2 years -5 to all Talents except Lucky
Child 3-8 years -3 to all Talents except Lucky
Adolescent 9-15 years -1 to Tough, Clever and Knowledgeable
Adult 16-35 years none
Middle-aged 36-42 years -1 to Fast, Hale and Strong
Old 43-50 years -2 to all Physical Talents, -1 to Knowledgeable
Venerable 51+ years -3 to all Physical Talents, -2 to all Mental Talents
Basics Variables
Morphology Bipedal Height 5'6" + Size" + 1d3" - 1d3"
Diet Omnivorous Weight 165lbs + (Sizelbs x5) + (Brawnlbs x3) + 1d10lbs - 1d10lbs
Cycle Nocturnal Gender standard
Prime Sense Vision

Bärchak Bloodfeud

The Vargör and Bärchak have hated one another so long that their hatered is born in the very marrow of the myr. The fight with reckless fury, and even when they must be civil the tension is most always palpable.

Claw and Fang

The Vargör's hands are tipped by razor sharp claws, and their powerful jaws are filled with vicious teeth. When they use their hands to attack unarmed they can Wounding Damage, and when they bite, though it comes at great risk in conventional combat, they do Wounding Damage and have a Damage Threshold of 4.

Dark Vision

Vargör share the lupine vision of their wolf forebears. They can see on a dark night as well as a man can on a bright day, and should ignore Disadvantage associated with low light levels.