Varn Tireste

The youngest of the Earls of the Tresser Veldt, Varn Tireste is mere months shy of his thirtieth year, and he is desperate to prove himself worthy of the illustrious company of Alvin Roen and Davin Rotheron. His most recent service as Lord Commander, since his ascension to the Earldom, has made a fine start in the eyes of many of his peers. A serious youth, Varn has found it easy to devote himself utterly to his post, and the betterment of his legacy, and though this has seen him be rash in his choice of military engagements, it has also earned him the respect of the Veldt's commanders, and of Eldin Reise.


Varn is slight of build, and could not be called a tall man, though nor is he small. He is a most unremarkable man in most of his features in fact, with a round face decorated, but in no way enhanced, by his drooping moustaches. His jaw and cheeks in no way define themselves, and his dark-browed eyes are pale. Varn has a small bow of a mouth, and with his muddy-coloured hair cropped neatly to his jaw. Usually devoid of expression, save concentration or concern, it is the Earl's soft-spoken tone and even temper that have led many to declare the determined Tireste intimidating, odd, or uncanny.


The Earl of Tireste is possessed of a quiet introspective manner, and a strange intensity that many find overbearing. Humourless and stern, life is a serious thing to young Varn, not to be wasted on frivolity and foolishness. Whether this hard attitude will change with age or not remains to be seen, but while it makes Varn a fine leader, it makes him a poor fellow. The Earl devours histories, hoping to fashion himself after the greatest of his forebears, but with so much to prove many of the Earl of Tireste's peers wonder if Varn's ambitions outweigh his potential.


Varn was the eldest of the two sons of Malcolm Tireste, an Earl known for being grizzled veteran before he was ever Earl. Varn received his warrior's training in a time of security, when the brutal raids of the Killing Claw had been quashed, and perhaps he felt cheated by the more calculated, and lightening attacks of the emergent Goblynking. When Malcolm died relatively young no one was really surprised, the old Earl's body was battered and wracked, and no one expected him to live into his twilight. Varn took the throne during the Tireste tenure as Lord Commander of the forces of the Tresser Veldt, and for the full five years of his reign he proudly led Highdunn's armies, only recently turning the post to Davin Rotheron. The serious youth devoted his time to touring the border, inspecting warriors and fortifications, and planning strategies, but since he has immersed himself in tomes of history and ancient warcraft.


As one of the few unattached reigning noblemen in Highdunn, Varn is considered very eligible, and though he is no beauty he is not aged or scarred like other men of the Veldt are, and many of the local lords would love nothing more than to offer the Earl of Tireste their daughter's hand in marriage. His father might be gone, but the Earl's mother Halla remains, and she is keen to see her eldest son wed before she joins Aliel. His only sibling, younger brother Harker, has a military command with the Earl of Roen, and his favourite uncle, his mother's brother Darick keeps an excellent household at Greysage in the far south-east of the earldom. The queen of Highdunn, Ellen Tireste-Reise is his aunt, though in truth the two know little of each other.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Adult (29) Skill Points: spent/223
Profession Earl of Tireste (2) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (5)
Class Veldt Earl (7/6)
Talents Inventory
Fast +0 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful +1
Hale +0
Strong -1
Tough +0 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +2 tool cap test
Insightful +2
Knowledgeable +3 attire environment
Perceptive -1
Wilful +0
Brave +0
Persuasive +0
Forceful +0
Lucky +0

Character Traits

Still Waters (2)

The Earl of Tireste is a quite, determined young man, forever caught up in his own thoughts. While he might be collected and observant, his silence does not make him easy to like, or even respect, and many regard him as unmanly for his studious nature, and refusal of the pleasures of life.

Lessons of the Past (1)

Varn is fond of looking to the past to learn about the future, and is a firm believer that many errors can be averted if you know how they were made in the past. He considers the histories he loves, not as tired anecdotes of days past, but as a manual to guide him in not repeating the mistakes of those who have come before him.