Vo Gabrov

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Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Gogita, Kutsani, Nugzar.


Physical Geography

fallen colossus of Kutsani

Political Geography

last of the strong ghanish duchies, borders held with the help of ralstaan mercenaries, carroghans a minority here, duke here wants to 'liberate' the ghans, however distance from the grave makes mystics rare and weak

Jurists are military and judicial leaders.
Ruled by a council who advise a Duke. Council is filled with the most accomplished scholars and experts. Councillors whose children show great promise are adopted by the Duke, and thus made eligible heirs.
When a Duke abdicates or dies the council selects a replacement from amongst all of the Duke's heirs (including adopted children).

"The easternmost of the Ghan nations, at mouth of Aulorn’s Gate, is Vo Gabrov, the only remaining united Ghan Duchy. Vo Gabrov had far fewer Vargör, with only wealthy households able to afford to keep indentured Vargör in their employ, as a result many more menial jobs were being performed by Ghanish tradesmen. Coupled with a relative religious freedom this created a unique climate in this southern duchy, and those few Caroghans who did rise up went almost unnoticed. Vo Gabrov's Duke Teuoderic Gabrova devotes much of his time now to trying to liberate his brother Dukes from their lands, but thus far his efforts have been largely met with disinterest."

The Ekudi

Most feared of the Carroghans, the Ekudi have been labeled a cult of mass murder. Disguising themselves as Vicighan travellers, they join trade caravans and other large groups of travellers, or even refugees. While they have embraced the savage divh of the Carroghans, their divh emphasizes stealth and murder over outright savagery, demanding that they disguise themselves. Once they have been accepted by other travellers they will wait for a point along the route where they are safe from being caught by other travellers, make camp, and then at nightfall they murder their travelling companions with knife and garotte, and disguise the crude burials as the remains of a campsite, then move on to their next victims. Many have questioned the motives of these Ekudi bands, and though they do habitually rob their victims their motives don't seem to be merely material, and while no members of the cult have ever been taken alive for questioning, many believe the mass murders, executed with military precision, fall into some kind of religious ritual designed to appease some dark and terrible divhi.

Social Geography

Live in large cities where districts have been walled off and left to ruin since large scale evacuation during ghan division.
exist in a strict caste system: Scholars, then Tradesmen, then Artists, then Slaves. When a ghan is a warrior or labourer (in areas lacking slaves) he is thought of as being on the same level as an artist.

Faith and Worship

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Teuoderic Gabrova, Duke of Vo Gabrov
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Achiko Khitalion,
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Zaziko Shalva,
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Mamuka, Eku's Hand
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Social Etiquette and Customs

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Arts and Entertainment

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buildings are square two-level stone affairs, quite uniform, flat-topped
outer walls slope slightly, few and narrow windows
courtyards within overlooked by covered balconies
large buildings are steeply tiered (Aztec-pyramid type shape)
paper interior walls common

Diet and Eating Customs

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Fashion and Dress

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Religion and Philosophy

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Transportation and Communication

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Common Pass Times

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Political System

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Legal System and Enforcement

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Daily Living

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Major Industry

ghans invented paper - they're famous for book binding and replication. Literacy is at a global high in ghan societies


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Major Export and Import

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Today In Place…

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The Ancient Duchies of the Ghans
Vo Gabrov, The Clawlands, Svalanik, Idalgarten, Asenovrich, Bakradze, Vo Beloslakya, Ualanzadleg, Vo Bvaoraka, Mdizul, Silvasta, Vo Orjondze, Pravetsa, Glovauri, Vo Chor
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