Vor Lezza

The much smaller sister-city of Vor Ushta is the hill town of Vor Lezza, destined to be the home of the next great temple to the Divh of Divhi. Built where the foothills rise up into the southern Nachtrekts at the source of the River Lekka, the faithful have been instructed to flock top this once small village, and erect a new temple, and make it the second city of the faith. Parisim has challenged the people of Nasis to erect a temple here greater than his own, and raise a more radiant and adoring worship to the holy of holies that Vor Ushta, for true faith must continually strive to outdo itself to prove its purity!

Region: The Hallowedland, Nardaan
Total Population: 2,106 approx.
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry:
Major Religions: One True Faith

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