Vor Ushta

The glorious city of Vor Ushta is the seat of the One True Faith, the most blessed city of the Hallowedland, and the home to His mighty temples and relics, and the greatest of His servants. A sprawling city of square, featureless, multi-level stone buildings is built against a series of successive stone windbreaks that form the southern side of every street, and form the city into a set of tiers receding from the pontoon docks up to the Shining Temple and the Mandrate Supreme's compound at the highest tier. Flanked by steep hills on either side, the city enjoys shelter from the worst of the weather, but is frequently almost completely buried for days on end in the most severe snowfalls, and when that happens a network of narrow, low tunnels form underground streets that allow residents to move about, albeit without much comfort.

Region: The Hallowedland, Nardaan
Total Population: 8,220 approx.
Demographics: 48% Malorn, 42% Haedrasian, 5% mixed Vicighans and Vargör, 2% Tribeless, 1% Kardesian, 2% Other.
Government: Administered by the Khan of Vor Ushta.
Wealth: 3
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry: Shipbuilding and repair, timber and copper exports, fine copperwork and silverwork.
Major Religions: One True Faith

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Locations of Interest

The Shining Tabernacle of the One True Divhi

Mandrate Supreme Parasim's Compound

Notable Groups and Individuals

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