Vortigan Bloodreaver Uth-Kaltan

The reign of Vortigan 'Bloodreaver' Uth-Kaltan has been characterized by rivers of blood and years or warfare, and he has risen to the challenge with a merciless tenacity that even his subjects are torn between awe and terror of. The king walks with a marked limp, is blind in one eye, and shaved his own scalp bald when he lost the western wall of Tohl Graihaen, but the savagery of a quick gaze from the Bloodreaver is usually enough to send even the most seasoned warrior scampering.


Vortigan is the great defender of the City of Stone and his body is hard, bulky and criss-crossed with long, narrow scars as testament to his reign as a fighting King. Ugly, beaten and fearsome of aspect, the King of Garynshae has bushy fair eyebrows and beard, a hard mouth, and heavy pouches hang under thunder-cloud eyes. The lines of his silhouette are dangerous and powerful, despite an awkward limp, and his scar-paled forearms bulge with dark veins from years of hefting a claymore. Seldom out of his battered mail, the King is a believer that the blood never be cleaned from blade or mail, and his arms and armour show signs of repeated repair and of the dark brown staining of old gore. Vortigan is seldom ever without his ancient warhorn Bothafael, which is purported to carry an enchantment that freezes the hearts of foes in their chests.


Foul-tempered and fouler-mouthed, bloody minded and given to using force to get what he wants, Vortigan is a mighty King of the old guard. A firm believer that might makes right, once Vortigan has decided he is in the right his sheer bull headedness means that he will not admit defeat. With a military record that tempers glorious conquest with bloody ruin, Vortigan simply will not admit defeat even when all seems lost, he fights until the last, utterly implacable even in the face of certain defeat, he has never once fled, even when it would be prudent to do so, and when he lost the west wall of Tohl Graihaen he shaved his own scalp to remind himself of the defeat. However Vortigan also knows respect, and more than once he has honoured an enemy who has proven to be his equal, or has proven tenacious and capable in his eyes - though seldom with mercy. Gruff and impatient, Vortigan keeps his temper expertly in check, but he makes no effort to his his disdain for those who mince words. Perhaps surprisingly he does have respect for ceremony and tradition, and while he does not enjoy the politicking at court or the pomp and ceremony of faith, he profoundly believes that these things are right, and bears the yolk of tolerance and royal duty with grim determination.


Only in his middle years, in the opening of his fourth decade Vortigen is most famous for leaving swathes of gore knee deep along the eastern walls when he repelled the great breech five years past, when he earned the name ‘Bloodreaver’. The captain of his personal guard reported that after suffering a broken leg at the hands of a large enemy clansman he used the protruding bone to stab the man to death through the throat. Vortigan knows that he and his men are the only thing that stand between this tiny remaining portion of his once great kingdom and massacre, and he has made it clear he will pay any price and go to any length to secure the City of Stones’ salvation.


Despite acknowledging his servitude to the High Throne, Vortigen detests the High King of Ralstaa’s diplomatic approach to the Clanlanders, and would like nothing better than to see a combined Ralstaan army smash the invaders into pulp against his walls. Otherwise Vortigen’s politics are simple: Survive. He is not a man with either the temperament or the time for the daily running of a city, and so leaves most of that work up to his Lord High Provost Adran, only sitting in judgement over the most difficult legal cases and essentially working more like a warlord than a King, which in many ways is entirely apt. Those who come before the King of Garynshae’s judgement surrender all hope for mercy as he has little time for people who sneer in the face of his protection by breaking his laws, and a vivid imagination for violent punishments. Of course, of late, anyone who scoffs at the conditions of his protection are welcome to walk out of the city gates.


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Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

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