Water is possibly the most important of all of the world's elements, though without a single one of them the would would not exist, water is the element that brings all of the others together and allows them to interact. Water is the energy of interaction, of calmness and of mixing.

Water In The World

Water falls from the sky, condenses in clouds, and fills rivers lakes and seas, there is water all over the world, living things need to drink it for survival, and lands without water are arid, dusty and devoid of all but the hardiest life.

Water In Alchemy

Water is the most important element in the art of alchemy, because it is used to mix all of the other elements together, to bring them into solution, to release their elemenetal properties and allow the raw energies that make them up to move and transfer. However water is also useful in formulae that seek to bring harmony or to change shape or state.

Water In Channeling

The channeling of water is about balance and union, and an individual needs to have clarity of mind in order to keep control of the delicate but weighty powers of water. Water smooths things, like the tides on the coast it smooth barbed edges, this is not to say that it cannot be aggressive, and spells that drown foes, or sweep them away in raging waters, or summon great waves or sweeping storms are common to water channeling, but water can also be a soothing power, and as the killer wave settles there is peace and stillness so water stretches, unchanging on the surface but flowing and surging underneath, out beyond the horizon. Water is capable of destruction and renewal, but while it's powers endure they seldom construct anything lasting.

The Gift of Water

When an individual manifests the Gift of Water he often interferes with alchemy, especially formulae which depend upon stored energy, calming and dissipating the energies latent in waiting. The water gifted are often able to hold their breath for longer and swim stronger, feeling more at home in the water, becoming able to live both on land and in water in some extreme instances. Powers they manifest are usually associated with the calming of other elements, but the range of powers seen in the water gifted are some of the broadest and most diverse of all gifts.

The Elemental Wheel

Water borders life and dark on the elemental wheel, and opposes earth. The border with dark is called deep, which is a power of secrets hidden below the surface and the border with life is called drink, a power of renewal and perpetuation tapped when mortal beings drink, an essential energy in the mediation of all of the elements of life. Water and earth cannot co-exist, both elements are dominant over the others in their physical manifestations, and while earth is the power of stillness and permanence water focuses on blending and unifying and adapting for the better.