Wealth is intro

0 - Destitute
The character has nothing to his name, even the clothes on his back are in tatters.

1 - Beggarly
The character scarcely exists.

2 - Poor
The character scrapes by in the meanest way possible, and is likely in debt.

3 - Fair
The character is able to survive, and is even able to occasionally afford a small luxury.

4 - Comfortable
The characters needs are generally met, to purchase better than the minimum, and is even able to save a little for a rainy day.

5 - Prosperous
The character lives a routinely comfortable life, and their earnings generously exceed their needs.

6 - Affluent
The character can afford to live in luxury, to acquire status symbols, and seldom wants for anything.

7 - Rich
The character lives in generous and often excessive luxury, and seldom has cause to worry about the price of any single item.

8 - Very Rich
The character is able to live in the greatest luxury available. His coffers fill faster than he can empty them, and only the rarest and most ridiculous expenses try his wealth.

9 - Extremely Rich
The character is wealthier than many small countries. There is little he cannot have, and his lifestyle is scarcely even imaginable to the common folk.

10 - Untold Wealth
The character has access to the wealth of empires. Nothing and no one is beyond his reach.