Whitehale is the northernmost city of the Heartlands of Highdunn, located right in the centre of the fens. Whitehale has also been a hotbed of political unrest in Highdunn for decades, and is far more famous as the home of agitators and of the Whitehale Rebellion than it is for its obscure position at the heart of the half flooded north. Whitehale sits on a raised area of ground a few leagues across in the eastern reaches of the fens where the trees are fewer and the wildlife smaller. Whitehale itself is a relatively normal Highdunn town with closely clustered two level buildings, though a great deal of chalk in the ground means that stone and clay based structures are pale, and most buildings are painted with a liberal amount of whitewash to give the settlement a clean shining appearance in the mud and much of the Fenns. There is no real order to Whitehale, with noble houses and rich merchants living across the street from tumbledown shacks in some places. There is clearly little plan to the town, it has merely come together on this limited amount of dry, stable ground, filling in where there were spaces regardless of who their neighbours would be.

Region: Ahlonia, Highdunn, The Heartlands
Total Population: 4,500 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

No one can claim that the people of Whitehale are not unique. The two uprisings that have occurred here in living memory stand testament to the fact that the people of Whitehale don't feel quite as trapped in their social class or station as the rest of the people of Highdunn do. The putting down of both Whitehale uprisings met with mixed success, and considerable bodies of vagrant agitators hide in the fens even today, evading the Kings Own with ease and reminding the people of Whitehale that rising against the King of Highdunn is not an always offence punished by death. If the authorities don't take action to publicly capture and execute these men it is certain that there will be a third Whitehale uprising. But despite the violence and tumult that Whitehale has seen the place itself shows few scars of conflict, though the noble houses are all fortified, and all exhibit armed guards, and the people are dour and serfs here have no compunction about making eye contact with their betters, and certainly wouldn't think to bow unless prompted to. Noblemen visiting here encounter a palpable air of menace about the place, though there has not proven to be any real danger as yet.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Clarence White
The Baron of Whitehale, also the town's Doge, is the ageing Clarence White, and if the old man fears for his life nothing about his demeanor betrays it. He has lived through both uprisings fortified in a stout tower located on his estates. Friel is constantly seeking help in hunting down the vagrants in the fens, and since he has accepted that the Kings Own simply aren't up to the job he has reached out to the cavaliers and Earls of the veldt, and even accepted the odd adventuring roughrider as aid to his quest. In fact currently a small band of roughriders led by Adren Marten are in the Baron's employ, and are combing the fens on foot.

Alain of Whitehale
At present Whitehale's most wanted criminal is the vagrant known as Alain of Whitehale, a former smith who was instrumental in the second uprising, and has since become something of a folk icon, arming the vagrants and militarising them for another uprising. The man even braves the town occasionally to rabble rouse, and Baron Friel is sure he must camp only a stones throw from Whitehale, but still cannot find the man.